Ali Zafar on ‘Lighter Side of Life’ with Mahira Khan – Episode 1

mahira khan lighter side of life with ali zafar

Ali Zafar becomes the first celebrity to visit the sets of chat show TUC’s ‘Lighter side of Life’ with Mahira Khan. The show started with a great intro of Ali by Mahira.

We really get to know about the personal life of Ali Zafar on how he started his journey of music and did his first performance. The show lacked a bit of fun and masti as it was the first episode their were higher expectations from the show.

The only good part was a dance performance of Ali and Mahira on the his songs ‘Madhubala’. Another interesting section was ‘This or That’ where Ali was given a chance to choose between two of the answers and he was given one of the most difficult question.  ‘A Punjabi film with Meera or A Hindi film with Veena Malik’. To this question Ali replied with a quite political statement ‘Punjabi-Hindi film with both of them’ and they both would do an item number in the movie.

Watch the full episode,

Near the end he sang some of his best songs ‘Chal Dil Meray’ and ‘Jhoom’ which build up some pace in the show. The show could have been much better if they had one or two more celebrities maybe it will be in the coming episodes.

What do you think about the new chat show?



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