Cody Walker to replace Paul in ‘Fast and Furious 7′

cody walker in fast and furious 7

After Paul Walker’s accidental death the Universal Pictures immediately postponed the shoot of Fast and Furious 7. There was a question mark that who will be considered to play Brian O’Connor unfinished role. Earlier the producers planned to start the movie from scratch, using Paul’s few footages that were already shot.

Paul Walker’s younger brother Cody Walker has been asked to finish the final scenes for Fast and Furious 7. The actor has worked as a stuntman in Motion Pictures, somewhat agrees to take his place in the sequel? Besides that singer Justin Beiber was also considered for this role but Cody would be a better replacement for his brother. His blond hair and blue eyes makes him a junior Paul Walker.

Cody, who lives, is Oregon, after the death of his beloved brother is currently staying at Los Angles with his family.

According to the sources, computer generated imagery (CGI) technique would be used to make Cody Walker look even more like his older brother.

The Fast and Furious team has dedicated their time to Paul’s family and is supporting them. Therefore the production house has delayed the shooting for some time. Also, they make sure that Fast and Furious fans will be updated with the progress of their latest project.



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  1. james

    Dec 20, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    If Justin Beiber plays the part of brian i will never watch the Fast and Furious movies again. I would burn all the fast and furious movies I have bought over the years. Beiber would be a complete disrecpect to paul walker.

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