Deepika Padukone, Farhan Akhtar Endorses Coca-Cola in TV Ad

deepika ad coca cola

Coca-Cola has failed to maintain its market share in India and continues to lag behind its sister brand Thumbs up and rival PepsiCo. To boost up its current sales and market stake the company has roped in Bollywood highly paid actress Deepika Padukone to endorse the soft drink.

Deepika who has signed the contract with the world’s second largest beverage company soon will become the third famous celebrity to endorse PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. It has been said that during her contract with the company she will not be allowed to endorse any other beverage brand.

Deepika Coke TV ad

Previously, Amir Khan and Ashwariya Rai Bachchan have the privilege to endorse both the brands. Ashwariya was the first Indian celebrity who endorsed Coca-Cola for six years.

The company which aims to revive the image of its product is going to pay their new brand ambassador Deepika Padukone a little less than Rs. 4 crores annually. In a survey, it was found out that India is the only region where the sales of Coke are comparatively less than its sister brands and other rival brands. The survey was conducted by Coca-Cola head office.

Considering Deepy’s remarkable success at box office Coke has made a right choice by making her the new face of its product. The campaign is going to feature Deepika Padukone along with her ‘Kartik Calling Kartik’ co-star Farhan Akhter.

Deepika Padukone in Coca-Cola TV Ad

Currently the actress is endorsing Lux soap, Tissot watches, Nestle’s Nescafe coffee, L’Oreal, and Sony CyberShot.



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