How to Setup a Google+ Post Ad to Amplify Reach of Page

Google+ Post ads Toyota

Google has finally started a way for the promotion of Google+ pages with a +Post ads, Toyota was one of few partners of Google+ for the new ads.

This new type of advertisement will put up your Google+ page posts to turn it into display campaign, which can help in increasing the conversations on the web.

Google says this “lets brands think of the entire web as their social stream.”

It will also help the web in becoming more of social platform where users can interact more with the website and Google+ pages. Currently, only a few advertisers are able to put the ads called group of partners including: Toyota USA, RITZ crackers and Cadbury UK.

Here is how you can get more exposure through the +Post ads,

Though, it’s not available for all you can still try to apply it through this link and you may just get a feedback from them. Once, you click on the ad it expands into a lightbox but it will be much more than just the rich media ads.

Google+ Post Ads
What creativity comes to your mind after getting this new opportunity? I am sure the advertisers would be very happy about it



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