Indian Actor Dilip Kumar Admitted to Hospital

Dilip Kumar suffered a heart attack

Famous Indian Movie actor Dilip Kumar has been admitted to Lilavati hospital, after he suffered a heart attack on Sunday night. The actor complained of recurrent chest pains and breathlessness, after which he was admitted to the great Indian hospital. However his condition is now reported to be stable.

The 90-year-old Indian living-legend Dilip Kumar has received more awards and honors than any other actor, in Bollywood. Kumar rose to fame in 1950s with his dreamy performances and romantic charm, creating some of the most classic moments of cinema-graphic ingenuity.

Critics named him ‘Tragedy King’, ‘veteran actor’ and ‘ultimate method actor’ in his lifetime as one of the most critically acclaimed performer.

Dilip Kumar, born 11 December 1922, as Muhammad Yusuf Khan, is a Pakistani born actor who moved to Pune in 1940 to pursue his acting career. Some of the more phenomenally famous movies of Kumar includes, Devdas, Azaad, Mughal e Azam, Kranti and Shakti. His last movie was Qila (1998).

Shahrukh Khan, Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan named Dilip Kumar as ‘the best actor ever’. Shahrukh Khan named him his role model in acting, and these two mentioned actors are considered to be acting institutions.

Dilip Kumar infamously got involved with great Indian actress Madhubala. Later, as the families disproved Kumar married Saira banu, who is also a famous Bollywood actress; the couple started their married life in 1966 when Saira was 22 years younger than Kumar. She was still seen by his side when Kumar went in to hospital last night.



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