‘La Maison’ Restaurant in Pakistan Shut Down After Raid

La Maison Islamabad

‘La Maison’ – a French restaurant running in the posh locality of Islamabad F7-1, closed down after the raid was carried out by police.

Philippe Lafforgue, the owner of the restaurant opened the 20 seat ‘La Maison’ last October with the controversial policy which did not allow Pakistanis to dine in. It also asked the locals to show their NICs and provide passport details as the business aimed to serve the foreigner customers only.

The threat against this restaurant started when Cyril Almeida, newspaper editor tweeted about the restaurant’s policies after his reservation was rejected because he had a green passport. Almeida raised a few questions about ‘La Maison’. For him, a foreigner has no right to run such profitable business in the capital of Pakistan and not allowing Pakistanis to get in. It is just a restaurant not any international authority which asks for nationality.

Lafforgue explained himself stating that he is not on a mission to discriminate, it is his respect for the people to whom he cannot serve non-Halal food which includes alcohol and pork. But the restaurant allowed Pakistanis to work as bartenders.

Prior to raid he claimed that the restaurant was opened for them who got dual nationality. He also added that his business is not the first of its kind. There are more than 60 night clubs and cafes operating in the elite areas of Islamabad.

Reportedly, police officials confiscated liqueur in huge quantity and has sealed the restaurant while Lafforgue ran away when the police raided his restaurant with a TV camera and crew.



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