Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Sued for Copying ‘Miami Beach: The Game’

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Latin American singers and the former couple Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are sued for stealing the idea of John Jacobs’ reality show ‘Miami Beach: The Game’ though his planned show never came into projection.

According to TMZ, John Jacobs approached Marc Anthony Productions and J.Lo’s Nuyorican Productions to pitch his reality show Miami Beach: The Game in 2007 and 2008. His idea behind the show was to feature two well recognized singers who would roam around the world in search for the most talented and energetic entertainers. Earlier both the production houses showed their interest but later did not respond to his calls.

Lastly, In New York Jacobs filed a lawsuit against Anthony and Lopez for USD 25 million for stealing the concept of his reality show. He was surprised to watch both the celebrities starring in their joint production ‘Q’Viva! The Chosen’.

Q’Viva! The Chosen – the show with the similar idea of Jacobs show was premiered in 2012, in which Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez along with their director Jamie King travelled throughout Latin America to find out the most talented singers, musicians and dancers and to make them the next best Latin superstars.

However, both the production companies have not yet commented on John Jacobs claim.



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  1. Lorenzo

    Dec 21, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Well, well.
    Looks like Jenny and Marc might have a little problema.
    If this guy pitched it years before, and was smart enough to secure any paperwork that he was really in contact,

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