Nicole Kidman Stripped Down for Jimmy Choo Latest Campaign

Nicole Kidman in Jimmy Choo

The Oscar winner Nicole Kidman stripped down for Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. In the recent times she and Kristen Stewart have become the most iconic celebs who revealed their dresses for photo shoots.

This is the third time Kidman fronts for Jimmy Choo’s campign that has been shot by Solve Sundsbo, having a theme called ‘Nature Unleased.’

The 46-year-old actress poses against a jungle-like backdrop playing with handbags and the stylish shoes are tempting enough to make her look sensual.

In the images Kidman looks so seductive that it’s hard to pay attention to the accessories she’s carrying. From her captivating looks to the buoyant hair, thin waist to the shinny legs, it’s her mesmerization that sparks the covers.

Kidman is observed in three different styles. In her first look she hides her cleavage with a black-yellow clutch. She looks subtle wearing a thigh-length sexy black skirt and a knee-length gray ropped sandals.

Nicole Kidman Sexy on Jimmy Choo

In the next image the actress gives a sharp look to the camera. The black mini dress enhances her grace, she looks extravagant holding the yellow-gray handbag and wearing a teal strappy sandals

Nicole Kidman  hot black cleavage

However, the third image which is the most sexiest is yet to be discussed. This is the super stunning image of the shoot so far in which Kidman looks ravashing. This is nearly her stripped off look, wearing a cream blazer and the orange anckle-strepped sandals she sizzles with elegance.

Nicole Kidman sexy white bikini

Which of her look do you like the best?



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