Sonu Sood’s Audi Q7 Escapes a Near Fatal Accident

Sonu Sood’s Audi Q7

Indian actor Sonu Sood, who is well unknown for his negative roles in the movies like Dabanng and R… Rajkumar escaped a near fatal accident when his Audi Q7 caught fire due to a short circuit.

Sonu was driving just behind his friend Ajay Dharma. Ajay was driving Sonu’s car and suddenly he saw fumes coming out of the bonnet of the car. Both instantly stopped the cars and splash water on the flame though it didn’t work. Thus, Sonu had to call the fire brigade.

Fire brigade reached at the spot within 15 minutes and handled the situation. The car got damaged pretty bad but Sonu and his friend were saved from injuries.

This incident took place near the Kherwadi signal in Mumbai. After the scene Sonu is planning to meet the manufacturer of the Audi to ask for the explanation of it as they are high end cars and it’s not quite usual.



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