Sony PlayStation 4 Full Review – Price, Specs, Features and Gameplay

PlayStation 4

November 15th, midnight Pacific Standard Time – Sony unleashed the PlayStation 4 at the Sony store in Palo Alto, CA.

Hundreds of PlayStation fans all lined up in the chilly weather, waiting for up to 20 hours, to get their hands on this much anticipated next generation gaming console and so far gamers have reported having a better gaming experience on different platforms.

For $399.99, the new PlayStation 4 promises users a better gaming experience withstunning and impressive graphics with aneasyinterface and a fantastic controller. It’s also $100 cheaper than its competitor Xbox One having an upper hand on indie and day one digital-only offerings.

What you get

Inside the newPlayStation 4 box is the power cord, cosole, a DualShock 4 controller, a 6-foot HDMI cable (finally!),a Micro-USB cable (to charge the DualShock 4), and a monoauralearbud for online chat. (The earbud plugs directly into the DualShock controller; however you can use any pair of headphones with a standard 3.5mm plug.)

PS4 console red

What’s Inside

The PS4 packs greater power. 8GB of DDR5 RAM, a low-power x86-64 “Jaguar” eight-core chip, and graphics powered by a 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon “next engine” all in a 2 inches high, 11 inches wide and 12 inches deep box, which weighs about 4.5kg.

PS4 Inside

The fine print might not impress the layman, but suffice it to say, the PS4’s technology is in-line with a mid- to high-end gaming PC.

Like the previous PlayStations, the PS4’s 500GB hard-disk is replaceable (this means that any standard SATA laptop hard drive or a SSD will work), something Sony has still kept intact.

The Experience

So how’s the experience? With the fantastic DualShock controller the PS4 experience is greatly improved. Nearly all of the shortcomings of the DualShock 3 are addressed in DualShock 4, which includes replacing the slippery dome coverings of the DualShock 3’s sticks and having smaller embossed faces that will definitely enable game players with better control.

Additionally the DualShock 4 has a built in audio speaker (which can be turned off from the controller anytime you want.) Though audio through the controller will give you stereo sound, having that is a small surprise.

PS4 graphics

With the new PS4, you can back out any time to the Dynamic Menu during the game play session and double-tapping the Home button will bring you back to the game or you can manually select it from the menu. Apart from that, besides backing up game saves locally, if you are a PlayStation Plus Member your games can be synced in the cloud as well.

Jack Tretton (President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment United States) had a lot to say about the new PlayStation 4. Tretton added during one of his remarks that the developer community had it bend their back in bringing the machine to market with that power at $399, the value of which is only evident once one plays a game on the console.

“I think it’s graphically appealing just looking at the screenshots, but what it really means to me is that immerse gaming experience. I don’t think you’re looking at the screen going; WOW! That’s 1080p! You’re looking at the screen going; That is incredible graphics, that’s incredible gameplay, how did they do that?”

Watch Gameplay of Assassin’s Creed on the New PlayStation 4:

Have you got your hands on PlayStation 4? What are your remarks about it or are you willing to buy it?



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