Sunny Leone and Sachiin Joshi Promotes ‘Jackpot’ in Gurgaon (Pictures)

sunny leone jackpot

Entertainer Sunny Leone and Actor Sachiin Joshi are busy in the promotions their forthcoming film “Jackpot”, the stars were spotted in Gurgaon, on December 6, Friday during a campaign.

Interestingly, Sunny Leone, who looked pretty in dark, discussed her sexiness and said:

“Each one of my hot scenes is spellbinding and delightful”

Further she added that for her sexiness hails from how you act and how you dress. It’s not about what amount of skin you indicate.”

Get all the pics of Sunny Leone and Sachin Joshi promoting “Jackpot” in Gurgaon on 6th December.

What are your expectations from Sunny’s next movie?



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