Why Was IMDB Blocked in Pakistan? [SHOCKING REVELATIONS]

Kirk Lazarus

Kirk finds pride in calling himself a human being. For Kirk that is the closest a man can be to God. Humans love, forgive, help and are kind. "Human beings cannot be classified into religion, nationality, ethnicity, color or physique - They are neither righteous or sinners - Humans are either 'wise' or 'idiots'. Kirk is also a psychologist by Profession, Philanthropist by choice and a God's student by obsession. Some people even consider him insane, but considering the definition of 'sanity' these days, Kirk doesn't mind at all. You can connect with me on Google+

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3 Responses

  1. Ali Taimoor says:

    It is Good that it was blocked …
    Salute to ISI that they are so active ..
    and I am saying this after reading and researching all traces of this movie that why it should be banned in PAkistan ..

  2. M Ali Khan says:

    If this is even remotely true, I sure hope the people in ISI get a life and realise that such content is nothing new and exists everywhere.

    Blocking content is such an old tactic that all it does is give extra attention and curiosity towards the blocked content.

    the people in Aabpara should REALLY devise new tactics. They can always start by NOT getting their hands dirty.

  3. abid says:

    My family lived in balochistan for more than 80 years and then moved to punjab. We lived as brothers and sisters with balochs, pashtoons and hazaras. But now a days all the unrest is because of involvement of foreign agencies. No doubt baloch were freedom fighters to live with Pakistan and still they want to live with Pakistan. Only few are highjacked by enemies of Pakistan and this movie is also from such agencies. We all should avoid criticising each other without reason and knowledge and try to defeat the enemy by standing together. Pakistan Zindabad

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