X-Men: Days of the Future Past Official Trailer Breakdown

X-Men Days of the Future Past Official Trailer Breakdown

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

Yes you? What’s the last thing you remember about the X-Men? Unless you are one of those creepy die-hard X-Men fanatics, I am guessing you would remember ‘The Wolverine’ or the ‘First Class’.

Yes – X-Men has launched the official Trailer of X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is the seventh successive movie under the ‘X-Men’ series. If you remember X-Men 3: The Last Stand, you might remember that in the story of X-Men a few mutants have survived from our heroes – Professor X, Magneto, Logan and Storm. The movie seemingly is a sequel to X-Men 3, and not a parallel movie in itself.

However; is also seems to take off where X-Men; First Class left us back in 2011, not literally though.

The main “hook”, of X-Men: Days of the Future Past, is that is takes place in two different time periods – Past and their Present (presumably our Future).

This means that X-Men: Days of the Future Past unites the two generations of mutants for the first time in all the X-Men series ever to have hit the Silver Screen.

In the trailer, Hugh “The Wolverine” Jackman is seen traveling back in time to warn the young Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) of the dark future that awaits all mutants unless they can change the course of history.

It seems from the trailer that in present day a catastrophe has taken place so huge that even Magneto has come in alliance with Professor X to save the present from ever taking place. Hence, he too helps in sending Wolverine in the past.


Xmen The Wolverine

The trailer begins with a close-up of an Eye, seemingly Professor Xavier’s eye. He asks an intriguing question that is directed towards both the audience and Wolverine. What’s the last thing you remember?

A full shot of Jackman, reveals a shade of grey in his hair, suggesting that a lot of time has passed. Since, Wolverine cannot technically age, his appearance understandably is more or less the same, and the only change is a bit of weariness that has brought an added sense of wildness in the beast.


Xmen Storm

One of the more resilient and last few remaining mutants, storm is shown to do what she does best – Unleashing one of the many cruel powers of nature, lighting.

Iceman and ShadowCat

Xmen Iceman

A rugged Bobby Drake stars back in the seventh edition of the X-Men series along with Shadowcat – Ellen Page. X-Men last stand did establish a connection between the two.

Xmen ShadowCat

However of X-Men: Days of the Future Past, might just take the ‘relationship’ to a newer level.

Rouge Trooper

Xmen Rouge Trooper

Making her reappearance is none other than the parasitic, Anna Paquin’s as the Rogue Trooper. No offense, but her abilities of sucking the life off another mutant is a bit parasitic.

Magneto and Professor X

Xmen Magneto and Professor X

Long-lost friends turned enemy head of organizations; Professor X and Magneto have had between them, a fair share of history. However, this time in future both are facing an enemy so monstrous that it forces former foes to band together.

The four (Almost) new Mutants

As shown I the trailer we observe four mutants. Omar Sy as long-term fan favorite Bishop.

Xmen Bishop

Adan Canto as fiery Brazilian mutant Sunspot (who almost appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand),

Xmen Brazilian mutant Sunspot

Booboo Stewart as the Native American strongman Warpath

Xmen Warpath

Fan Bingbing as Blink, whose ability to conjure portals may come in handy during battles.

Xmen Blink

Just don’t think of them as the Mutants.


In the end; all we can say is that “this trailer is worth a million words” indeed, even more. Be it, Wolverine’s venture to the past in his old younger body or Professor X’s modified new wheelchair. The ambiance confuses the observer into decided where exactly the future mutants are, what seems as a shrine or a temple can easily be somewhere way beyond human accessibility (I mean they are X-Men, a little hard to predict where the mutants may be). Director Bryan Singer hints that the modern mutants face a severe dilemma and are at war. (The weird black suits reflects Singer’s hints)

“Most of the mutants are either dead or being hunted”. An adversary so strong has come upon, that the X-Men can only go back in time to try and stop the present from ever taking place.

Wolverine goes back I Past to get younger Professor X and Magneto, and convince them unto doing something that could save the future and the very existence of mutants.

“Please…we need you to HOPE again”

(Ironically the last dialogue of the trailer, much like the first one, also seems to be directed towards the audience. After all, it’s the seventh X-Men, they would want our hope in the movie more than anything else)

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly



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