Advanced Hair Studio Reviews

No matter how much you care about your hair, how wisely you choose the shampoos and the conditioners but even then your hair may start falling and you may face a lot of problems associated with your hair. Advanced Hair Studio is one of the service centers that have been providing the services to the customers for almost 45 years. It has built a great reputation in the international market with such long years of experience. It is one of the brands that come to your mind when you encounter such problems. Advanced Hair Studio has a range of almost 300 hair studios worldwide.

However, listening to such a big brand name you are convinced to believe that the results will be in your favor only that will leave you satisfied. No matter how big the market is, you should still be prudent before spending your hard earned money on any kind of products or services. With such big customer database, advanced hair studios do not do wonders to your hair. No brand name can get you results if the implementation of the treatment isn’t executed well. They have many services that they claim will get you the best possible results. They are:

  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Re-growth Treatment
  • Hair Extensions-Flashpoints
  • Hair Replacement Strand by Strand Ultimate
  • Hair Replacement Strand by Strand Cosmetic
  • Laser hair Therapy-Advanced Laser Therapy

We have provided Advanced Hair Studio reviews based on the quality of the different services they offer. So read on the following reviews before being decisive on whether you should be availing these services or not.


Advanced Hair Studio has amazing interiors and well-trained staff to provide the best of all services. The consultants are actually not the doctors. They are the people from different fields. They actually have the sales targets set and they try to achieve them by cramming the same lines to everyone. So you get to see that they have started making money from here itself.

Value for Money

Anything that has good results doesn’t come for free. However, giving such unsatisfactory services they charge so much high from the customers that leaves them regretting about the same. The treatment and non-satisfactory results do no justice to the cost that you pay for the treatment. It is surely heavy on your pocket with no commendable results.

Customer satisfaction

The customer satisfaction from the services of Advanced Hair Studio is really poor resulting in almost no effect on the hair re-growth from hair fall solutions. Moreover, no guarantee for the money back even if the customer is not satisfied with the services results in almost no customer satisfaction.


The staff is really friendly and helpful. The way they welcome the guests make the real difference. The experts will listen to your problems and concerns very attentively making you feel really special. However, the treatment may not provide you very fruitful results.

Pros of Advanced Hair Studio

  • It is a brand with a presence in the international markets and working in the field of hair growth.
  • Use of the latest laser technologies and the equipment for re-growth and treatment of hair.
  • Products provide a magical effect to the hair
  • Highly professional and customer friendly staff.

Cons of Advanced Hair Studio

  • The services are really costly and will be a big burden on the pocket.
  • No money back guarantee
  • Some treatments or therapies may take time even more than expected
  • Some laser treatments may even cause pigmentation on the skin

24×7 Review

You like to avail the services from the places where your needs are met and you get the perfect solutions for your problems. At Advanced Hair Studio, the brand name does not work any wonders and the customers are really dissatisfied with the services they provide. No, the question is: Are their services recommended?

If you really want to swallow your hard earned money without getting any kind of satisfaction then you can visit this Advanced hair studio. The initial treatment when you visit them will make you fall in their trap leaving you in regret and disgust.


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