Richfeel Review – Sadashivnagar, Bangalore Clinic

Based on the requests of our readers from Karnataka, in this article we have reviewed Richfeel’s Sadashivnagar Banglore clinic.

Richfeel has been a pioneer in bringing the science of Trichology to India and has been operating since 1986. Despite a strong brand name and a proven track record of successful hair transplants, in this article we critically analyze Richfeel’s Banglore Clinic on individual parameters.

This article has taken into account various reliable sources of information and our in-house research team conducts its own direct research via customer interviews, clinic visit and in-person service evaluation. We have also factored in information from sources such as personal experiences of clients on Quora, recorded reviews of clients who took Richfeel’s hair treatment and blogs written by richfeel’s customers.

Hair problem identification and solution ?

The first plan of action of doctors at Richfeel Banglore clinic is to identify the root cause of the hair problem client is facing. For this, they suggest a couple of tests in order to detect and confirm upon the root cause. Rich feel Banglore clinic uses upgraded level of technology compared to other hair clinic in Banglore. Some tests are expensive whereas some are cheap and it would depend upon the seriousness of the client’s issue.  Once the problem is identified, the doctors would recommend Richfeel products which can resolve the issue or a particular hair treatment that address the concerned problem.

Researchers and Trichologists

In order to judge the Trichologists at Richfeel Banglore clinic we use three parameters – education, experience level and past track record.

The doctors at Banglore Clinic are highly qualified and some are foreign educated specializing in Trichology.

About 2 to 3 doctors have experience of about 10+ years and most other doctors have experience level of about 3 to 5 years in the domain of hair transplant and hair treatment.

The past record of doctors at Banglore Clinic has been approved by more than 12 clients who underwent hair treatment or hair transplant surgery. About 80 out of 96 customers are satisfied with the use of Richfeel products.

Expertise and Level of Technology

FUE Technology used at Richfeel deploys equipments imported from technologically advanced countries especially from western European nations. It is important to read and be aware of how technology in hair transplant works. Our research team studied the hair transplant technology and based on that research we are confident of the level of expertise and technology at Banglore Clinic.

Is Richfeel Hair treatment worth the cost ?

The hair transplant and hair treatment costs at Richfeel Banglore center are very high. Not only hair treatment but hair products of Richfeel are very expensive. This has been a very general and common feedback we received from most of our readers.  But we need to look at return on investment rather than investment alone.

So is Richfeel hair treatments effective enough to be worth the investment ? Out of 96 customers questioned – 83% of the customers responded Yes.  Whereas 15% responded No. And remaining 2% were neutral.

Pros of service provided by Richfeel Sadashivnagar, Bangalore Clinic

  • Hair treatment Results are evident
  • Very low side effects
  • One stop solution to all your hair related problems
  • Latest technology and Equipments
  • Easy availability of clinics
  • Incomparable customer services
  • Personalized treatments to all of the patients

Cons of service provided by Richfeel Sadashivnagar, Bangalore Clinic

  • The services are quite expensive and you may not be in a position to afford them
  • Clients should be well aware of the Costs of Richfeel’s hair treatment and hair transplant services and products.

Customer Satisfaction

Richfeel is a trusted brand in the market. However, everything may go in vain if the services being offered aren’t satisfactory. But once you visit banglore clinic, you will see that there is a special team that works on customer satisfaction only. This explains how important it is for them to satisfy all of the customers. It brings a sense of being important. No matter you are one of a million customers, your satisfaction is important to them.

 24×7 Review

No matter what the situation was earlier, after the treatment you gain a new level of confidence that brings out a new you with a lot of confidence. No matter that the treatment is little expensive but the world class services are being offered to you with best results. You start looking younger that gives a sense of satisfaction to you.

Here is what one of the student Raman Siddhu has to say about Richfeel’s Anagrow treatment.

Will I recommend buying the services at Richfeel Sadashivnagar?

It is definitely the place where you will get personalized treatments to all your hair related problems. You will never regret being served at Sadashivnagar, Bangalore. Do come without any second thought if you can afford to spend.  Recovery from hair loss, hair thinning and other hair related issues is a gradual process, thus clients should exercise patience while experiencing the service.

Just like our previous review report on Lajpat Nagar Delhi Clinic and Borivali Mumbai Clinic, NewsMedia247 will continue to serve its esteemed readers and followers and will regularly come up with reviews of other Richfeel centers.

Richfeel Lajpat Nagar, Delhi Clinic Review

It is said that the beauty of a woman resides in her hair. Any person feels dejected and sad if that person starts losing hair. People make fun of yours if you have scanty hair. There are many problems that you deal with related to your hair. It becomes the most difficult phase of your life when your hair is shedding and people have started ignoring your presence everywhere.

Richfeel Trichology Centers are one of the leading chains in India where you go thinking of having the best treatment related to your hair or scalp. Some of the treatments provided by them are:

  • Hair Transplantation- Permanent Hair Restoration
  • Anacover- Permanent Scalp Cover
  • TST+ Hairfall
  • Anagrow- Hair Thinning Treatment
  • Anagain Hair Loss Treatment

There is a team of trichologists available at the center to treat your problems with the best techniques available. When I got to know about the clinic, it brought a sense of security, courage and confidence in me that probably I may get the lost hair back. For the same reason I visited Richfeel Trichology Center in Lajpat Nagar. If you really want to make a decision on whether you want to buy the services provided by them are worth buying or not, read on the review which may turn out to be quite useful for you.

Customer Services

The atmosphere at Lajpat Nagar clinic is quite professional. They talk to you in such understanding manner that you will be able to find a resort to your problems there. You will be asked about the problems and even if you are not satisfied with the services, you can come up until you are completely satisfied.

Personalized Treatment

Your problems are scrutinized and understood well and after a good research you are provided with the best personalized treatment. This plays a major role while getting healed.

Latest Technology

You are treated with the best technology and world class trichologists. The doctors and researchers have found out the latest technology and best equipments to provide you with the best results that can satisfy you. If you start feeling a difference in the quantity and quality of your hair, you feel good about yourself.

Value for Money

Money is definitely a hard earned resource and should not be spent on a product or service that doesn’t bring the desired results. However, no matter the treatment is way too costly, you feel be more than satisfied with the services being offered and the tremendous change that it brings in your life. No good services come cheap and so does the Richfeel Trichology Center services where you try to bring out yourself before you lost the confidence.

Number of Treatments

Richfeel is a one stop solution to all your hair problems. Here you can have a number of treatments being offered to you depending upon the problem that you are facing. Be it baldness or hair thinning, you will get the best personalized treatment here with the latest technology.

However, please jot down the following pros and cons of the services being offered

Pros of the Services provided by Richfeel Lajpat Nagar, Delhi Clinic

  • Personalized Treatment with latest equipments.
  • You get your lost hair back.
  • Consultation is easy.
  • Easy availability of clinics in almost all of the areas.
  • Effective results and efficient doctors.

Cons of the Services provided by Richfeel Lajpat Nagar, Delhi Clinic

  • The treatment is so expensive that it may leave you empty-pocket.

24×7 Review

When it comes to buying services, you should always be rational as your money should not go in vain. Visiting Richfeel Clinic in Lajpat Nagar was a great experience in terms of customer satisfaction, treatment and gaining the lost confidence back. You will find a great improvement in your personality and you will get rid of the huge embarrassment that you used to face earlier.

Is buying the services at Richfeel Trichology Center Recommended?

It is truly heavy on your pocket but will bring out a new you will much more confidence and a pleasant personality. Moreover, the products recommended by them are also of utmost quality. Richfeel is the best clinic recommended in the domain it is serving. If you can afford, you will really be satisfied with the services.

Ponds White Beauty Cream Review

Women in 2017 are independent, strong, working and empowered and perfectionists. And in all these roles she deserves the best, be it the love which is best, the profession to work passionately or the cream to take care of her beautiful glowing skin. Women must be pampered for everything they do and how they deal life and for this trust me that your skincare products are your BFF’s. Have you ever given it a thought why women are very particular and conscious in choosing their skincare??? It is because women acknowledge aesthetic sense and feel their skin is a glass door to their inner beauty which is to be taken care precisely.

Every girl is born and brought up with the fragrance of Ponds around us whether it is a talcum or a moisturizer. I personally feel attached to the fragrance of Ponds. Pond’s was popularized in the industry since 1987 when it was acquired by Unilever. It is an international brand which is famous over 56 countries. Ponds White Beauty Cream is a vitamin based cream. It is enriched with Vitamin B3 which works on the cells of the skin and gives the brightening effect to the skin by directly affecting the dark cells of the body. It brings out the faded cells glowing out so beautifully that your skin feels supple and enriched. There are three types of ponds white beauty cream:

White beauty cream for normal skin

This cream is suitable for normal skin which goes just right with your skin with Pond’s White Cream. Girls with normal skin usually take it very lightly and tend to use any other random cream. But the normal skin is more exposed to dryness, therefore, it is important to make the decision wisely.

 White beauty cream with SPF 15

This cream is suitable for all skin type and to be used as sunscreens while going out in the sun.

White beauty cream for oily skin

This kind is suitable for oily skin as it rejuvenates the cells which are oily.

Here is a gentle review about the cream and its demand and popularity among the girls.


 Ponds brand is consistent throughout for so many years. It had created a demand and had lived up to the expectations of all the women.

Value for Money

Ponds brand is a product which starts at a price of Rs. 60 and ranges up to Rs. 200. It justifies its price truly with respect to its quality and demand.


Ponds is popular from my childhood times which was early 90’s and had been growing as a known product among all the females.


It has a beautiful packaging with a white bottle and pink colored cap. It is easy to carry and accessible to carry in the hand purse.

Glowing Skin

Ponds white beauty cream gives you a glowing and supple skin which gives you a ravishing look throughout the day.

Rejuvenation of the skin

The skin feels fresh and rejuvenated after using Ponds White Beauty Cream. It makes your skin feel young and uplifted.

Customer Satisfaction

Ponds White Beauty Cream is diligent to keep their customers happy and satisfied. It had retained its name by giving consistent results to its customers.

Pros of Ponds White Beauty Cream

  • It helps to give you a glowing and rejuvenated skin.
  • It has variety of creams which can be used for different kind of skin types.
  • Ponds White Beauty Cream is enriched with SPF 15 which helps you in de-tanning as well as retaining the protection from sun.

Cons of Ponds White Beauty Cream

  • It does not bring out good results for dry skin however SPF 15 has shown tremendous results.
  • It is incompetent in the market where the customer is little money oriented and would tend to go for a higher brand.

 24×7 Review

If a question is raised if the product is recommended to buy, then I would probably recommend you all to buy the product and feel the difference in your skin. I can make this review based not only on the statistics but on the personal experience. I had personally used Ponds White Beauty Cream for myself when I was very particular about my fairness and glowing skin. Ponds White Beauty Cream had not disappointed me and I hope would not disappoint you as well and would be as good for you.

Patanjali Hair Conditioner Review

One of the things that pissed off each one of us is frizzy, dry and unmanageable hair that spoil the whole look of ours making us look untidy and shabby. I too was facing one of the same issues as the day I used to wash my hair, my hair used to be way more than unmanageable. For that, a friend of mine recommended Patanjali Hair Conditioner to me.

Patanjali is a company that manufactures natural herbal products since years. Be it medicines, tooth paste, cosmetics or edibles, it manufactures many products that you use in your day to day life. Like everyone, I too had an optimistic approach towards this brand as well as this product. One thing that I was not worried about was that even if it does no good to my hair, there is no possibility that it ruins the quality of my hair as it is a herbal product. So, today I am writing a review of Patanjali Hair Conditioner on certain parameters to make a wise choice for your hair. Read on:

Value for Money

No matter how expensive or how inexpensive a product is, your money should never go in vain. You should always pay for what bring a positive change in you. Available at just Rs. 60 for 100ml, it gives you satisfactory results making your hair look better than before. You will pay so less at such good quantity being offered to you. I was more than happy seeing 100ml at such nominal prices.


You are offered with a great range considering the hair type and the issue you have. Some of them are stated below:

  • Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein
  • Patanjali Hair Conditioner, Almond
  • Patanjali Kesh Kanti Damage Control
  • Patanjali Kesh Kanti Almond Conditioner

Hair Shine

You will see that your hair now look shiny and great. The tangle free hair from roots to the tips makes your hair look beautiful. Your hair will be rejuvenated by the herbs present in the conditioner and it really does wonders to your hair. The split ends, frizz and dryness of your hair will be vanished.


The conditioner comes in a white tube like container and it is packed in such a way that the ingredients will not spill out of the bottle unnecessarily. This makes this product quite travel-friendly and easy to be used. At such nominal cost, the packaging is good enough.


Aloe Vera present in the conditioner will make your hair nourished. Sunflower oil, hempseed oil, almond oil helps in moisturizing your hair. Bhringraj extract will help preventing the hair loss and amla seed oil will make your hair look natural and beautiful. The choice of ingredients is definitely incomparable and these natural herbs will provide nourishment to your hair. It has a shelf life of 24 months which is quite commendable.


One of the most important factors that you consider while choosing a cosmetic is its fragrance. You cannot buy a product until it has a good fragrance. Patanjali Hair Conditioners have great fragrance and you need not worry on being smelly at all.

Please have a look at some of the pros and cons of the product

Pros of Patanjali Hair Conditioner 

  • Easy to afford.
  • Great fragrance.
  • Controls frizz and provide nourishment to hair.
  • No side effect as it is herbal.
  • Easy to be used.

Cons of the product are

  • It is a little difficult to rinse off the ingredients.

24×7 Review

With such great range of products available, Patanjali has never failed to surprise us with its effective products. There are no harmful ingredients available in the product and hence you don’t have to think much. The best part is that there is no any side effect of this product and does wonder as compared to many other conditioners available in the market.

Will I recommend buying this product?

Being available at handy prices, you will actually find a difference in the texture of your hair. If you too don’t want any chemicals and want to use natural products only, you should buy it without a second thought.

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Lips are the most sensual feature of your body. Lips are the most important and most prominent feature of your face. We are very conscious in choosing and applying a lip color and at the same time, they understand that Lips have to be taken care of very importantly. Everyone wants their lips to be kissable soft and supple. No one likes the lips to be chapped or dry. They have to be essentially erotic and sensuous. The best choice to make for your lips is Maybelline lip balm.

Maybelline is the brand who had served Indian Market for more than twenty years. It had eloquently served the market with its wide range of products. Maybelline is known for all its products like lipsticks, foundations, creams, compacts, kajals or the lip balm. Maybelline had never let down its customers or had compromised with the quality ever. It might be a reason for the popularity and success of the brand. Maybelline Baby Lips is one of its good products for the lip care. The active ingredients of the lip balm are Octinoxate (7.5%), Octisalate (3%).

Here are some reviews about Maybelline Baby Lips:

Value for Money

The lip balm is available in a very low range starting from Rs.80. It is not an expensive affair and doesn’t affect your pocket much. It purely justifies the money that you have spent on the product. The cost of the product justifies its packaging as well. Sunscreen, color and fragrance, being available in one product with such a minimal price explain that it is a cost satisfying product.


It has a beautiful and lustrous fragrance. The strawberry has a good fragrance and it brings out a good effect and rejuvenating for your lips. These days women, especially girls have become much more conscious about the kind of fragrance they have. They want to be at their best all the time, especially when it comes to the facial care.   


Although Maybelline Baby lips are not for coloring your lips, they do give a beautiful pinkish shade to your lips. It looks sumptuous, especially on the teenagers. Maybelline baby lips are a good substitute of color bars. The lip balm works deep down on your cells and repairs your chapped lips. This is not just to give you a good color for your lips but helps to keep the lips healthy as well. It is a light colored bar which can be worn for long hours.

Customer Satisfaction

It not only takes care of your beautiful lips but also repairs them. However, the product is famous among the teenagers as they find it as a good substitute to color their lips. The customers are totally satisfied with it as it brings out tremendous results also for them. It moisturizes the lips enriched with SPF formula. It also gives protection from the sun.


The packaging of Maybelline Baby Lips is cute when compared to than other lip balms. The small color pops are fun loving and are adored by beautiful teenagers. It has small colored pops with lips swatches on it which give a trendy look to the product. The packaging is long transparent printed cap due to which it is popularized among teen girls.

Pros of Maybelline Baby Lips

  • Maybelline Baby lips give your lips a supple and soft feel.
  • It is available in small color pops which gives it an aesthetic look.
  • It has a nice fragrance.
  • It is cost effective and is affordable by teenagers as well.
  • It is clinically care for baby soft lips.
  • Lips are visibly renewed and one can notice the difference very easily.

 Cons of Maybelline Baby Lips

  • It is only popular among the teenagers.
  • It is not suitable for coloring the lips or to be used as a substitute of the lipstick.

 24×7 Review

It is highly recommendable to buy the product as the product gives the full satisfaction to its customers. There are lots of lip balms out in the market. If you are seriously conscious about the repair of your chapped lips then Maybelline Baby Lips is the right choice for you. So, all the teenagers brace out yourself for the lustrous look of your lips. Hope you find the review helpful in making a choice for your most delicate and prominent part i.e. your lips!!!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

All that you want these days is that when you go out, you have a glow on your face that everyone appreciates. You don’t want to show the blemishes of your skin to everyone and this takes away your confidence. Once you go to the market, there are a number of products available for you that you can buy. However, not every product will abide by the expectations that you have from your product. Also, a good product should match your specifications well, especially your skin shade. This plays a major role while choosing a perfect foundation for your face.

Maybelline is a brand that has astonished us since years with its miraculous products available in the market. Be it lipstick, cream or Kajal, Maybelline has always been a top performer. However, when it comes to buying a perfect foundation, you take into consideration a lot of parameters and you want your product to fit into all of them. So today, we have a review to get a better decision while buying Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Read on:


No matter what your skin shade or skin type is, the product is available in many shades. You have got a great option to buy that suits you the best. There are 18 shades available in the product and you will be more than impressed when you see this range. Choose the one you think goes best with your skin.


It comes in a clear glass bottle and the black cap over it keeps the contents intact. The packaging looks great along with the shade name and number mentioned over the top. The packaging is good and handy to be used.


The product is easily available for Rs. 535 for 30ml. This is a little expensive for the quantity being offered. However, if you find your skin tone even and glowing after the application, it is surely worth the money that you are paying.


The fragrance that you get when you have applied it on your face, it is immaculate. A good fragrance is always a plus point of a product. You always want to have a fascinating smell that attracts all. Maybelline has that fragrance that lures you.

Customers  Satisfaction

With such good variety while choosing as per the skin shade, it satisfies you to the core. All that you want out of a product is that you have applied it and don’t feel its presence. Maybelline like always has satisfied customers and this product makes you feel great about you and your skin.

Choice of Ingredients

It has Octinoxate which keeps you protected from Sun. Water, cyclopentasiloxane, and Demethicon, are present that work as a solvent, conditioner and lubricant. It contains Glycerin that keeps your skin moisturized. It also contains Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, and Chlorphenesin that work as preservatives. With such rich ingredients, the product never lets you down with the expectation you have.

Results to your Skin

When you apply it, it blends evenly on your skin giving you a flawless appearance. Also, if you have some acne marks and you don’t like to apply heavy make-up, this light weight foundation works well. All your spots have just vanished right after q minute of the application.

However, every good comes with some evils along. Same way, we have some pros and cons of the product that are as below:

Pros of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

  • It blends into your skin well giving you a flawless shade.
  • It is very light and you do not feel that there is any make up on the skin.
  • It is easily available in the market and hence you don’t have to put in a lot of efforts to go and find the product in the market.
  • Doesn’t clog your pores and hence your skin can breathe.

Cons of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

  • There is no dispenser attached.
  • Some acne marks are difficult to hide with it.

24×7 Review

This is an easy to wear foundation that gives you a look that everyone appreciates and notices. Also, it gets blended into the skin so easy that your glow and tone looks perfectly natural. Also, the shelf life of the product is three years which means that even if you haven’t used it since long, you don’t have to discard the product. It is durable with the awesome glow to your skin.

Will I recommend buying this product?

I will surely recommend buying this product with such great choice of ingredients and beautiful glow. There should be no second thought to buy this product if it falls in your budget.


Richfeel Reviews – Borivali Clinic Mumbai

In this article we have reviewed Richfeel Trichology Center located in Borivali based on certain parameters, so that you can be decisive on consulting with this clinic or not. This review has been built by taking into account information from various reliable sources such as real customer feedback and interviews, recorded feedback on Youtube, personal experiences shared on Quora and blogs posted by the clients of Richfeel Borivali clinic.

Firstly Richfeel center at Borivali provides the following hair treatment services

  • Hair Transplant Treatment
  • A narrow Hair Thinning Treatment
  • Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
  • Anagen Hair Loss Treatment

Read on the detailed analysis of the center on the following parameters :


The hair loss and hair transplant services provided by the professionals at Borivali clinic are really of high quality. The staff is very friendly and listens to all your problems with proper patience. The way they treat the patients is really appreciable. Their behavior adds value to the services making the expectations met with their behavior as well as the attitude. Doctors listen to the problems of the patients in a friendly way and provide the best hair treatment solution possible.

New Technology & Equipments for Hair Treatment

All the equipments used are used by the professionals and are well maintained as well. The process of treatment they follow with these equipments really makes the difference and provide the best results. Be it the hair transplant services or any other hair treatment services, they make the best use of the latest technology which really helps to bring the desired results. The trichologists there are always keen and curious to know the root cause of the hairloss and hence provide the best solutions with the various treatments they provide pertaining to the latest technology.

Value for Money

The factor in which Richfeel Technology Center is the really expensive. But, good services are always expensive and bring out the positivity in you. If you are satisfied with the results, paying much doesn’t matter. Though the treatment is expensive, the money that you have spent has not gone in vain. You will understand that such latest technology and expertise never come for free. Hair treatments are always expensive; you only have to be decisive while choosing the one which gives you great results.

Customer Satisfaction

Most of the customers are satisfied with their hair treatment services. The professionalism, behavior, expertise of doctors and good treatment makes you a satisfied customer. They use the latest technology to bring a solution to your hair problems and hence the customers stay satisfied.

Personalized Treatment

The Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUH) at the Richfeel Borivali center is really amazing in which the experts extract the follicles from the place of the scalp where there is healthy hair and implanted to a site where there is scanty hair. Based upon the problem that you have, you are provided with the best possible personalized treatment.

Here is a short informative video where Richfeel’s expert explain the difference between FUE and FUT Technique.

However, every good thing has some bad things too. Have a look at the pros and cons of the clinic.

Pros of services provided by Richfeel Trichology Center Borivali

  • Latest technology
  • Experienced doctors
  • Hair treatment results are effective
  • Richfeel products are effective in long-term use
  • Multiple service centers across various cities
  • Special teams for customers’ satisfaction

Cons of services provided by Richfeel Trichology Center Borivali

  • Richfeel’s hair transplant or other hair treatment service cost can be very high and a burden on the pocket.

24×7 Review

You can easily pre-book the appointment with them and can visit the center at the time of your convenience. The treatment can do wonders for you as when you start losing your hair, people make fun of you and crack jokes on you. Surely no one can tolerate this. When you visit this clinic, you don’t only get your hair back, but also regain the confidence and personality.

Will you recommend the services to any of your friends or relatives?

Now when you are out of trouble, recommending the services to your friends is a must thing to do. You may further read reviews of actual customers of other Richfeel centers such as Richfeel Lajpat Nagar Delhi Clinic  or Richfeel Banglore , Sadhashivnagar Clinic. There are very few clinics that provide you the best services. Richfeel Borivali is one of them.

Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews

Kaya, as suggested by the name itself is a chain of clinics to provide skincare solutions to people and transform their lives. They use the latest technologies along with a team of dermatologists to understand the problems and eradicate them by roots. They provide the following services to the people to transform their personality and make them feel good inside:

  • Hair Care Solutions
  • Fairness Solutions
  • Pigmentation Resolution
  • Laser Hair Reduction
  • Anti-acne and Blemishes
  • Bridal Services

A rational consumer always takes the advice of people and looks for the reviews before using a particular product or service. Going only by the brand name is not a good solution always. So let us have a look at the quick review of Kaya Skin Clinic to know whether consultation can actually bring a change in your personality too. Read on


Once you visit Kaya, one of the leading brands in providing skincare solutions to millions of customers, you will see that the staff is highly professional. A good behavior always adds value to making strong relationship with customer and enhances the brand value as well. They match your expectations well in terms of professionalism and attitude.


A brand name reaches heights when it understands the problems with patience and provides the prolonged services to the customers. They don’t only pay attention to your issues, but study them and carry out required treatments to let your problems go away.

Value for Money

No matter that the treatment is expensive, but if you see a difference in your skin you feel better and confident. A good treatment with latest technology is anyways expensive. But the peace of mind that you get makes you feel out of the world. You experience a new level of happiness when people start asking your beauty secrets and praise you for being charming. It is definitely worth the money that you have spent.

Customer Satisfaction

One thing that plays major role in branding is “to what extent are your customers satisfied?”. They definitely abide by your expectations when it comes to satisfaction level. Regular follow-ups, patiently treating the customer and prolonged results leave everyone satisfied. The difference that you see in your skin helps you regain the confidence that you had and makes you a better person.

Products Efficiency

If you get to compare the products of Kaya with other skincare products available in the market, you will see that Kaya products do magic to your skin. Definitely, there are many products that are way expensive than Kaya and those that are inexpensive. But the magic and awesomeness that you see in products of Kaya is incomparable. Some of the major products from Kaya include:

  • Kaya Insta Brightening Micro Mask
  • Kaya Advanced Acne Care
  • Kaya Facewash (For all skin types)

However, good things always come with some side-effects. Have a look at these pros and cons of the clinic.

Pros of services provided by Kaya Skin Clinic

  • Doctors are highly professional
  • Stops ageing of your skin
  • Products do a magic on your skin
  • Prolonged results
  • They use latest technology to get you the best skincare solutions

Cons of services provided by Kaya Skin Clinic

  • Treatment is expensive. You need to look at your pocket for once.
  • Some treatments may take some time more than expected like laser hair treatments.
  • In some cases, laser hair removal may cause pigmentation that may last for weeks.

24×7 Review

You will only avail the services from the places where you feel that your problems will be catered with the best solutions. Kaya Skin Clinic, along with a good brand name, is also providing the best services. Many people have seen the difference in just one sitting and it really does wonders. All your queries will be answered with due professionalism and you will be told about the do’s and don’ts of the treatment.

The infrastructure is also worth appreciating. It is easily available in all the cities and the dermatologists are also highly qualified. Do you think that getting such services is recommended?

We highly recommend Kaya Skin Clinic as it is one-time solution to all your skin problems and you end up getting a flawless skin.

Himalaya Hair Cream Review

Himalaya is a brand known to all for providing best herbal products. As we all are aware that anything which is herbal is always significant and gets you good results. I had the same conception and I thought that this could help me get out of the trauma of frizzy hair that makes me look dull and ugly. When you go to the market, you encounter many products from Himalayas like

  • Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream
  • Himalaya Herbals Anti-dandruff Hair Cream
  • Himalaya Anti-dandruff Hair Cream

This product is easily available in the market. But is it really worth the money that you spent? Should you go and trust the product to make your hair look beautiful and frizz free? Buying a product should be an intelligent approach and you should know how people respond to such products when they get to use them. Have a look at this quick review to know more about this product.

About the Brand

Himalaya is a company that has been producing herbal products for more than 80 years. People trust this brand and buy the products before giving a second thought to it. This is because they have maintained that trust and relationship with their customers. They have been living up to our expectations since decades.

Hair Shine

Once I started using the product “Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream”, I could see a tremendous difference in the texture of my hair. They started looking beautiful and got back the shine that was lost somewhere. If you really want to regain the texture and shine of your hair and rejuvenate them well, use this product to get that everlasting impact.

Value for Money

Truly the product is not expensive. You will never regret spending your hard-earned money on buying this product because the results that you get will make you feel confident and beautiful about yourself. You may be into the ideology that since you are spending less the results may not be that good. However, you will be more than satisfied with the frizz free hair that you get afterwards. This is definitely worth buying.


The packaging itself explains how to use the product along with the correct quantity. The directions of use are a must and they have done it in a commendable manner. You are supposed to use it daily before and after hair wash to get good results. The thin plastic foil over the cream keeps the ingredients intact. Also, this makes the product easy to be kept while travelling.

Customer Satisfaction

This plays a major role for retaining the customers and they have abided well with our expectations. Once you touch your hair, you will find them soft like never before. Having a big market, they have been providing the products that are really helpful in regaining the vital nutrients of your hair to make them look rich, shiny and beautiful.

Have a look at some of the points of pros and cons in our review to understand the product better:

Pros of  Himalaya Hair Cream 

  • It nourishes your hair like never before.
  • It controls the frizz of your hair and helps you regain the shine.
  • Having such good results, the product is inexpensive and affordable.
  • The fragrance of the product is also good.
  • Prevents split ends and makes your hair strong.

Cons of Himalaya Hair Cream 

  • Post wash results aren’t that satisfactory as pre wash.
  • It contains Parabens.

24×7 Review

If you feel good about yourself after using a product which is easy on your pocket, it is surely bliss. This product can do wonders with your hair and gets you a beautiful fragrance after use. It nourishes your hair and spreads evenly on your hair. It is a great product to be used and can be a substitute for serum as well. It is said that for women, beauty resides in their hair and this brings the importance of beautiful hair. Himalaya Hair Cream helps your hair stay nourished and keep you charming. After having experienced it if I am asked if buying this product recommended?

Well, you should really go and buy this product that gives you a noticeable difference in your hair and the texture.

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

According to the statistics, around 80% of the total populations are suffering from the hair problems these days. The problems can be the frizzy hair, hair fall, dandruff or anything. When people encounter such problems, they start feeling less confident about themselves. Amongst this population, 90% of the population prefers ayurvedic and herbal products. Himalayan products are one of the known ranges in herbal cosmetics.

Himalaya anti-hair fall shampoo claims to provide nourishment to hair and reduce hair fall. But being a herbal shampoo it has failed miserably to live up to the expectations of its buyers. It is always prudent to go through the reviews before buying any product or service. Today I am writing a review about the known herbal shampoo- Himalaya Anti Hair fall shampoo and let you know if the product is worth enough to be used for your precious hair.

Value for Money

Money is the biggest reason to increase or decrease a product’s demand. It is in vain to spend a part of your hard earned on a product which brings out eventually no results to you. The market is in competition with best blends. So make your choice wisely!!! And buying just the shampoo is not enough; you need to buy a hair loss cream and a conditioner along with it which comes out to be an expensive package for the customer. Moreover, it is too expensive for having such poor ingredients in it.

Hair fall

No matter that the name itself encapsulates “anti-hair fall”, the results do not show you anything like this. Rather, like many other products that probe to reduce hair fall and show no significant difference, Himalaya is one like those only. Also, you do not see any considerable difference in the texture or the silkiness of your hair that disappoints you again.

Bad choice of ingredients

The product contains Butea Frondosa and Bhringraja. Butea Frondosa is palasa which is commonly used for curing dysentery and diarrhea. These ingredients neither alter the hair growth nor does it have an overwhelming effect on the hair fall.


This is the major constraint in the product as it is not available in smaller packaging. Although Himalaya is a well-known brand but when it comes to hair fall shampoo, it completely takes off the limelight. It comes in a sturdy bottle with a green colored flap. The flap is however not sturdy and it breaks usually.

Customer Satisfaction

The product has not been profoundly able to satisfy its customers because the product does not create lather. One has to take big quantity to make lather out of it. Hence, it becomes very difficult to rinse it off especially on the dry hair. People are not bothered about spending money on a product which is worth it. People in 2017 are much aware and conscious about using a product which satisfies them. Himalaya’s anti- hair fall is not able to satisfy 70% of the buyers falling in the category of demanding herbal products.

Pros of Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

  • It has a creamy white shiny color which looks beautiful.
  •  It comes with a pleasant fragrance.
  • It rinses off quickly.

Cons of Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

  • It does not make any lather hence, is not helpful in washing away the dirt.
  • It is not helpful in rinsing off the dry hair.
  • It does not alter hair growth and is not prudent to say that it controls hair growth.
  • It does no justice to the cost that you pay for it.

24×7 Review

Well, there are many other products available in the market that may provide you satisfactory results somehow. Himalaya Shampoo, because of the bad choice of ingredients does no wonders to your hair that help you feel good about yourself or about your hair which is anyways an important thing. To have read the content above, do you think that buying this product is recommended?

Well, if the product does not abide by the expectations and fails miserably to provide you good results, there is no point buying anything that comes as cheap as free. We do not recommend you to buy this product and get upset about the results later.