Hair For Sure Review

Hair fall and baldness have become the common problems and concerns for everyone in today’s world. Baldness does not only make the outer appearance of a person bad but also results in the overall lack of confidence in a person. There can be several factors related to hair fall and baldness from infection to the side effects of the medicines.

Hair for Sure has featured the Breakthrough Rutexil Growth Complex that comes with a four step performance formula. It can be used for the treatment of follicular dysfunction helping in their growth of the hair while stopping the hair loss. The lotion can be applied twice a day for the visible results. This product has been tested through various medical trials on Men and Women. With medically proven results on the hair growth, we are providing a quick review of hair for sure that will help you to decide whether you should really choose this product or it’s a total loss of your money:


This product comes in a carton which is attractively packed with a high neck plastic bottle inside the carton. The bottle has a 3-layered cap and the capping has been done in a way that makes it really easy to carry as it is spill proof. The transparent nozzle has been fitted on the bottle in such a way that makes pouring the lotion out of the bottle really easy. For the application you can simply aim it on the scalp by twisting in the anti-clockwise direction and again twisting it in the opposite direction will close the bottle.

Texture and Fragrance

The tonic is clear in texture being light weight and seems like water. Though the fragrance of this tonic is really strong but is refreshing and provides a cooling effect on the application. When applied this tonic may give some soothing sensation or tingling effect. However, the product gets absorbed very quickly and does not leave any oily or greasy effect on the hair.

Value for Money

Although the hair for sure tonic may seem a little expensive costing INR 800. The results are clearly visible and you don’t have to go for the expensive hair treatments which one has to opt for hair fall or baldness.


This tonic is really efficient and shows the results after regular application of 10 days at least. You can easily see the dramatic reduction in your hair fall within a week of the start of its application. Even with the regular use of product hair fall can almost stop and even re-growth can be achieved by the use of this tonic for one or more months.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the hair for sure tonic we have listed out as per our review of the product:

Pros for the Hair for Sure tonic

  • Comes in a convenient packaging which makes it very easy to apply
  • Nozzle tip makes the application easy on the scalp
  • The cooling effect it provides to the scalp is really soothing
  • The fragrance is really pleasing and cooling
  • It is a scientifically and clinically approved product
  • Actually, stops the hair fall.
  • Regular use can result in the hair growth

Cons for the Hair for Sure tonic

It leaves a tingly feeling on the scalp after its application. This tingling effect can last from minutes to hours depending upon the sensitivity of your skin. Also, there can be slight itchiness felt on the skin after the application of this tonic. Some people have experienced flakes on the skin due to dryness after the continued use for more than 15 days.

24×7 Review

Hair For Sure is the safest and the best product to use that can let you manage the hair loss without the use of any kind of medicated drugs that can cause the lifelong disastrous effects on health. For the persons who are in the initial stages of the baldness (male or female) this tonic from Hair for Sure is really worth a try. It is completely safe to apply and due to the positive results. We hope that you are clear if buying this product is recommended?

Godrej Hair Color Review

Times are gone when hair colors were used to only hide the gray and white hairs. Today there are large arrays of gels, colors, and cremes available in the market from a large number of renowned brands ensuring the proper nourishment and enrichment of hair along with the coloring. When it comes to choosing trusted brands then Godrej hair color is surely the one.

Godrej entered into the market of hair colors in 1974, marking its special place in the market of hair colors in India with exciting and transformative products. As the hair color market is changing with each passing day the consumers like to experiment with the expanding range of the hair colors from Godrej. Although Godrej has to build really good trust among the consumers we have provided a quick review that will really help you to make a decision while buying this product.

About Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color

Godrej expert rich crème hair color comes in a crème format which makes it very easy and convenient to apply. The hair coloring is really a fun with this hair color. It is ammonia free hair color and comes in a pre-measured hair sachet that can be applied for single use and the multi-application pack offers you the desired convenience and ease while offering you the color of your choice.  This hair color is available in 5 gorgeous shades such as natural black, black brown, dark brown, natural brown, and burgundy. This hair color has aloe vera and milk as the main ingredients. The sachet contains a colorant (20g) and a developer of 20ml.

Value for Money

If you buy you a product by spending your hard earned money then all you want is the real value of that money. At first, due to its low price, it seems that it is not up to the mark of other hair colors but its quality at such low price will really surprise you. The packaging is really simple which makes it so affordable. But the formula it contains is not compromised with the price which makes it value for money.

Hair shine

Most of the hair colors leave the hair dull and the hair loses all the shine. It has the ammonia-free formula and the goodness of protein makes the hair soft as well as shiny. The added advantage of this color is that it is fragrance-free, unlike other hair colors which make it really easy to breathe with hair color on the head.


The color is really long lasting and sustains itself even after 6-7 washes (approx 25 days). After this, the color starts fading slowly and needs application. However, this sustainability at such a price is really good as compared to the hair colors from other brands.

Pros of Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color   

  • It comes with the goodness of milk and aloe protein
  • It has no fragrance
  • One sachet is enough for a one-time application.
  • It does not make the hair dry and dull.
  • Makes the hair soft and shiny
  • It doesn’t cause any irritation when applied
  • Affordable
  • comes in 5 different shades.

Cons of Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color

  • If this color can last little more it will be really great.
  • For those who have gray hair already didn’t find it really beneficial.

24×7 Review

This hair color is one of the best and the affordable options which can be easily tried at home. Because of its affordability and fragrance-free formula, it is really a good option to try. The sachet provided is enough for one-time application and can really last for 20 days. Moreover, the packet already has enough amount of both creme and developer that do not need to be measured you can just mix both the ingredients and apply them easily. The major plus point is its ammonia-free formula that makes the overall coloring experience really great. Now if you are still wondering whether you should buy this product and is it recommended?

With such a wide range of added advantages, this hair color is recommended for use. Without thinking much, go and buy this product.

Dr. Batra Review

If you encounter any issues related to hair like hairfall, hair thinking, dandruff, or other issues, first name that strikes to each of our minds is Dr. Batra. We all are aware that they provide homeopathy treatment to provide solution to all such problems. If you go to such a clinic that already has a renowned market, you do have some expectations. However, being such big brand, this clinic doesn’t abide to your expectations in terms of providing services and getting long term results.

It is spread over 120 cities and provides treatments like Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy, Hair Transplant and Quick Hair to provide solutions to people who are disappointed with losing out their control on their hair. But trusting a clinic right because they are renowned isn’t a good idea to go about it. Here is a quick review to let you know if in future you face the same issues, whether you should consult this clinic or not? Read on

Value for Money

Money is a hard earned resource and you should spend it only where it is worthy. If you have frizzy hair, hair damage, hair fall, dandruff, fungal infection on the scalp or anything else that you are no more able to deal with, you tend to look old and ugly and no one wants this. This is a long-term course of medicines which is very expensive to deal with. If you get to see no results, you tend to feel less confident. Also, all the money and time that you have spent has gone in vain. A majority of people do not see any significant difference in their condition and they find it way too expensive than required.

Hair Shine

Once you encounter problems like baldness, dandruff or any other related problem, your hair stars losing their shine at first. When you use hair products, they are same as the other cosmetics available in the market. Since you do not see much difference, you don’t even find your hair lustrous or shiny. They are just a little better than before, nothing out of the blues.

Satisfaction Rate

Having more than 220 clinics, they are still not able to satisfy their customers. Once you book an appointment, you will feel motivated and optimistic about gaining your lost beauty and charm. However, with time people start losing their interest. All the promises seem to be irrelevant and you have availed such expensive services that lasted for no time.

Customer Service

People are lured on the basis of hefty discounts that are shown on their flyers. However, the treatment is still too expensive to afford. The promotional mailers that they send are attached with an important one liner “terms and conditions apply” which itself is self-explanatory. The packages are for no betterment and since you don’t see any long-term results, most of the customers are disheartened and sad after completing the treatment.

Please take a note of some of the pros and cons of the treatment as per our review.

Pros of the treatment are

  • For those who have been benefitted with the treatment have attained a new level of confidence which has made them a better person in terms of personality.
  • You get personalized treatment that helps you interact with your doctor better to make him understand your problem in an elaborated manner.
  • The treatment has no side effects. So even if it doesn’t work for you, your situation will not be worsened.
  • You don’t have to put any restrictions on your diet.

Cons of the treatment are

  • The consultation isn’t expensive; though the treatment may leave you empty handed.
  • For those who have not been benefitted with the results have faced a big disappointment.
  • The whole treatment needs patience and is a long term treatment.
  • People don’t see any significant difference in the long run.

24×7 Review

There are people who have been dissatisfied with the services as if you are spending money; you anyways want to see the results being positive at your side. As per our review, Dr Batra’s treatments fail to deliver the customer satisfaction on a large scale. The majority of people find it ineffective, no matter the latest technology is being used to alleviate the problem.

Only expanding business in terms of pricing and marketing and not focusing on issues that solves the problems of the customers can never give them prolonged consumer database. Do think that buying such services should be recommended?

We do not recommend anyone to avail Dr Batra’s services. Such expensive treatment with such less customer satisfaction rate is of no use.

Advanced Hair Studio Reviews

No matter how much you care about your hair, how wisely you choose the shampoos and the conditioners but even then your hair may start falling and you may face a lot of problems associated with your hair. Advanced Hair Studio is one of the service centers that have been providing the services to the customers for almost 45 years. It has built a great reputation in the international market with such long years of experience. It is one of the brands that come to your mind when you encounter such problems. Advanced Hair Studio has a range of almost 300 hair studios worldwide.

However, listening to such a big brand name you are convinced to believe that the results will be in your favor only that will leave you satisfied. No matter how big the market is, you should still be prudent before spending your hard earned money on any kind of products or services. With such big customer database, advanced hair studios do not do wonders to your hair. No brand name can get you results if the implementation of the treatment isn’t executed well. They have many services that they claim will get you the best possible results. They are:

  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Re-growth Treatment
  • Hair Extensions-Flashpoints
  • Hair Replacement Strand by Strand Ultimate
  • Hair Replacement Strand by Strand Cosmetic
  • Laser hair Therapy-Advanced Laser Therapy

We have provided Advanced Hair Studio reviews based on the quality of the different services they offer. So read on the following reviews before being decisive on whether you should be availing these services or not.


Advanced Hair Studio has amazing interiors and well-trained staff to provide the best of all services. The consultants are actually not the doctors. They are the people from different fields. They actually have the sales targets set and they try to achieve them by cramming the same lines to everyone. So you get to see that they have started making money from here itself.

Value for Money

Anything that has good results doesn’t come for free. However, giving such unsatisfactory services they charge so much high from the customers that leaves them regretting about the same. The treatment and non-satisfactory results do no justice to the cost that you pay for the treatment. It is surely heavy on your pocket with no commendable results.

Customer satisfaction

The customer satisfaction from the services of Advanced Hair Studio is really poor resulting in almost no effect on the hair re-growth from hair fall solutions. Moreover, no guarantee for the money back even if the customer is not satisfied with the services results in almost no customer satisfaction.


The staff is really friendly and helpful. The way they welcome the guests make the real difference. The experts will listen to your problems and concerns very attentively making you feel really special. However, the treatment may not provide you very fruitful results.

Pros of Advanced Hair Studio

  • It is a brand with a presence in the international markets and working in the field of hair growth.
  • Use of the latest laser technologies and the equipment for re-growth and treatment of hair.
  • Products provide a magical effect to the hair
  • Highly professional and customer friendly staff.

Cons of Advanced Hair Studio

  • The services are really costly and will be a big burden on the pocket.
  • No money back guarantee
  • Some treatments or therapies may take time even more than expected
  • Some laser treatments may even cause pigmentation on the skin

24×7 Review

You like to avail the services from the places where your needs are met and you get the perfect solutions for your problems. At Advanced Hair Studio, the brand name does not work any wonders and the customers are really dissatisfied with the services they provide. No, the question is: Are their services recommended?

If you really want to swallow your hard earned money without getting any kind of satisfaction then you can visit this Advanced hair studio. The initial treatment when you visit them will make you fall in their trap leaving you in regret and disgust.


Reviews of real customers who took Richfeel’s Hair Transplant or Treatment services !

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the feedback of customers who took Richfeel’s hair transplant and treatment services. The information will be augmented with reviews given by real patrons who’ve undergone various treatments. We’ve collated these reviews from various credible sources online including YouTube videos, Quora, In-person Interviews and other discussion forums. We hope that these reviews will aid in understanding the treatment, knowing whether it is for you, and preparing yourself for the same.

Here are a few assorted reviews for Richfeel’s Hair Treatment:

Mayur Puri

Mahesh is a Marketing professional who was suffering from hair loss and baldness three to four years ago. He stumbled upon Richfeel’s business card and got in touch with the company at the earliest. The doctors took a sample of his hair and recommended a hair transplant surgery. He said that after he opted for the treatment, the staff at Richfeel was helpful and followed up regularly for appointments. He says that it has now been about a year since he underwent the treatment and there are noticeable changes in his appearance.

Anchal Sethi

Aanchal is all for the quality of Richfeel’s hair treatments. She used to suffer from dry scalp/dandruff which also caused a lot of hair fall. She found out about Richfeel when she saw a girl’s review on YouTube herself. Later, she consulted her friends and family and even they asked her to pay a visit to Richfeel’s clinic. However, she wasn’t completely sure about the genuineness of Richfeel’s products so she took a few sessions to treat dandruff. After a while, she noticed that the products were working and finally decided to get treated for hair fall as well. She says that her patience paid off and she finally observed more volume and less hair fall.

Dilip Balakrishnan

Dilip’s opinions are in contrast with the ones mentioned above. He and his wife both got hair treatment from Richfeel while they were in Mumbai in 2014. The total cost went up to roughly Rs. 64,000. The oil that had been recommended to them caused hair fall instead of stopping it. Upon reporting this, the staff at Richfeel exchanged it for other products but it didn’t really help. Unhappy with the results, Dilip opted for the Anagrow treatment in 2015 and faced disappointment yet again. He claims that these treatments are nothing but a sham.

Here is a recorded review from a customer who took Non Surgical hair treatment at Richfeel Mumbai Clinic.

How Does It Work?

The AHI technique is capable of planting as many as 3000 to 5000 hairs in a single sitting but this may vary from person to person. The method used to extract hair follicles in AHI is far more advanced than any other removal techniques. This is done by means of a machine equipped with a pint-sized punch ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 mm in diameter, thus making the entire process very precise and adept. It is a speedy procedure that manages to extract more number of hairs in less time which in turn helps in faster healing sans scarring. The AHI technique employs implantation by using the finest implanter pens that facilitate implantation of around 60 hairs per sq. cm opposed to only 45 hairs per sq. cm in the conventional methods.

More Reviews on Richfeel’s Hair Treatments:

Deepak Bisht

Deepak is banking professional. He was suffering from profound baldness. Finally, he found out about Richfeel through a friend and underwent the hair transplant treatment. He said that although it took about 4-5 months for the results to show, he is extremely happy with the output. He repeatedly recommended seeking help from Richfeel to all those who suffer from any kind of hair related problems.

Chinu Kwatra

Chinu used to suffer from baldness and a lack of confidence as people passed insulting comments that pulled his self-esteem down. He found out about Richfeel’s hair treatments through a family member and got in touch with them right away. The staff at Richfeel explained the different reasons that caused baldness and talked about the various hair systems that most people are unaware of. Using their products has helped him get rid of bald patches and gain his confidence back.

Sahil M 

Sahil was suffering from serious dandruff problems that stopped him from stepping out of his home. He spent thousands of rupees on the treatment that included oils, shampoos, medicines etc. While it did not harm his existing condition, he says that it also didn’t prove to be beneficial. There was a little reduction in the dryness of his scalp, albeit temporarily. Soon, the problems came back.


While quite a few people have shared positive experiences, Prashant dealt with a bitter experience at Richfeel. He suffers from hair fall problems and underwent treatment with Richfeel for over 4 months. However, he did not see any improvement or growth in hair and in fact, noticed that the equipment used was also not proper. He had just been given a few medicines and gel-based products which wasn’t easy to use. Prashant also says that he didn’t receive much guidance from the staff with regards to the process.

Recorded Review of Richfeel Customer Mr. Nilesh Limaye

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Opting?

Merely having knowledge regarding the treatment is not enough. You need to understand your issues and evaluate the severity by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is your hair fall an anomalous situation?
  • Has your ‘scanty hair’ issue impacted your confidence and self-esteem deeply?
  • Do you consider thick hair as a significant factor that makes up who you are?
  • Would you be able to take care of the expenses involved in undergoing Richfeel’s hair treatments ?
  • Can you promise yourself that you’ll nurture your hair pre and post the treatment?

Pros of having treatment at Richfeel

  • They use the AHI technique to treat hair problems
  • Their products have shown results in the past
  • They claim that none of the treatments would leave ugly scars or cause unbearable pain to the customer
  • The staff here uses scientific methods to diagnose the problem and suggests the treatment accordingly.

Cons of having treatment at Richfeel

  • Treatments like hair transplant can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford it.
  • The results vary from one person to another depending upon the severity of the problem. You may not always get the desired results but there will definitely be an improvement.

How are the costs for Richfeel Hair Transplant  ?

The hair transplant cost at Richfeel is expensive and clients should be well aware and prepared before opting for any of the hair treatment services. The hair transplant cost would depend on the amount of hair transplant required and clients should consult  respective Trichologist at Richfeel. Not only during treatment but post-treatment there could be cost implications and hence clients should have financial arrangements to manage the costs. The reason for the high costs of hair treatment is the level of technology used and the quality of doctors at Richfeel.

How to Go About Receiving the Treatment?

Once you have assessed your problems and needs with regards to your hair problem, its time to seek help. Contact your nearest Richfeel clinic and book an appointment for consultation. Before giving the nod for the suggested treatment, make sure that you ask the following questions to your trichologist:

  • Is your problem treatable?
  • Do you have any other physical conditions that may come in the way of your treatment?
  • Which solution fits me the best?
  • What would be the total cost of the treatment?
  • What are the different payment schemes that I can avail?
  • How much time will it take for me to recover completely after the treatment?

News 24×7 Verdict

If you really need treatment for balding or extreme hair loss issues and can afford the costs involved, we would definitely recommend you to look into Richfeel’s hair treatments. There are clinics of Richfeel in all major cities of India such as Banglore, MumbaiDelhi and so on. Visit the nearest center for a first free consultation.  However, you must be aware that the results always differ from one person to another.



Fatima Nasir Lingerie & Sleepwear in Pakistan: Fashion’s New Face

I know for a fact that lingerie brands have had quite a history of associated sexism and sin in it. But when it comes to orthodox culture on the East side of life things get very touchy. Fatima Nasir is a recent addition to the Pakistani lingerie market. Despite the peaking demand for such basic necessities lingerie is associated with filth and taboo.

The name of the brand itself Fatima has been pinned with some of the most prestigious religious figures in Pakistan. Being associated with Islam as a pious figure, people’ sentiments and beliefs can be shattered with such diabolical advertising gimmicks.

Fatima Nasir brand is pretty much active on their social media accounts such as Facebook and Pinterest and even using the paid media as well to promote the brand.

How do you see this extension? A friend or foe?

Hajj 2014 Live Streaming PIA Flight Schedule

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is obligatory for every Muslim to visit Makkah and perform Hajj once in his lifetime considering he has no financial and health issues in certain situations like disability someone else can perform for a person.

According to the Islamic Calendar Hajj is performed on the 10th of Zil-Hajj which will fall in the month of October in between 13th to 18th. Each year Millions of Muslims gather and perform hajj in the memory of the great Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and his son Ismael (A.S) and their sacrifices for All Mighty Allah.

Pakistan International Airlines have announced the flight details, the first flight took off on 8th of September and the last flight will be on 9th of October and flights are to return from 21st October 2014 till 24th November 2014 which will be the last flight.

If you are one of those who are going to for pilgrimage you should be aware of all the rules and regulations of the country as well as the procedures that are to be performed on Hajj. For those who are unable to go this year due to any reason we have a live stream of Hajj 2014 so they can be a part of it and watch it live online.

Our prayers are with every Muslim who is going on this Holy journey, May they return safely in best of their health and with a pure heart. Ameen

Disclaimer: We do not host any videos on our website all the videos are available online through other sources and we do not claim them to be ours if you would like to take off the video for any issue please contact the video hosting website.

Google PageRank May Not Update Till 2014: Matt Cutts

Its been quite a time since the last PageRank update by Google and looks like there will not be another update this year, Last update of PageRank was rolled out by Google on February 4, 2013.

Niels Bosch, Founder of tweeted to Matt Cutts about the next PageRank update to which Matt Cutts replied, “I would be surprised if that happened.”

@NielsBoschh I would be surprised if that happened.

— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) October 6, 2013

Which clearly indicates that we might not see an update before 2014.

Google has also shown less interests and gave less importance to the Page Rank factor in ranking the websites in Search Engine as Internet Explorer is the only browser which has the PageRank Display offered by Google.

Matt Cutts also answered to question by Indian who asked Why wasnt his sites PageRank changing?

Are you waiting for the next PageRank update as well?

Preetika Rao in Beintehaa New TV Show on Colors (Pictures)

Bollywood actress Amreeta Raos younger sister Preetika Rao is all set to extend her acting career from a TV Show Beintehaa on Colors TV starting from next month after the conclusion of Bigg Boss Season 7.

Preetika Rao is playing the role of a lead female character Aaliya who is a Muslim girl opposite to Harshad Chopra who is playing Muslim boy Zain and is most popularly known for playing Prem Lalit Juneja in the drama serial Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil on Star Plus.

Have a look at the beautiful pictures of Preetika Rao:Image result for Preetika Rao

Preetika has also played a small role in Anil Kapoor’s 24 serial. Beinteha is being directed by Farhan Salaruddin and the team is currently doing shootings for the episodes. The series is going to begin after the end of Bigg Boss 7 which has the maximum TRP these days also Sanaya Irani’s ‘Rang Rasiya’ will also come up in next month.

Watch: The promo of Rang Rasiya

Beinteha and Rang Rasiya both have strong female leads which one do you think will take the lead? Sanaya Iranis Rang Rasiya or Preetika Raos Beintehaa?

Hajj 2013 Live Streaming PIA Flight Schedule

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is obligatory for every Muslim to visit Makkah and perform Hajj once in his lifetime considering he has no financial and health issues in certain situations like disability someone else can perform for a person.

According to the Islamic Calendar Hajj is performed on the 10th of Zil-Hajj which will fall in the month of October in between 13th to 18th. Each year Millions of Muslims gather and perform hajj in the memory of the great Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and his son Ismael (A.S) and their sacrifices for All Mighty Allah.

Pakistan International Airlines have announced the flight details, the first flight took off on 8th of September and the last flight will be on 9th of October and flights are to return from 21st October 2013 till 24th November 2013 which will be the last flight.

If you are one of those who are going to for pilgrimage you should be aware of all the rules and regulations of the country as well as the procedures that are to be performed on Hajj. For those who are unable to go this year due to any reason we have a live stream of Hajj 2013 so they can be a part of it and watch it live online.

Our prayers are with every Muslim who is going on this Holy journey, May they return safely in best of their health and with a pure heart. Ameen

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