Truweight Weightloss Stories: Diabetic, Cholesterol Patients

Truweight commits to honest weight loss and stands by these words. The approach it opts and methods it applies are natural, free from artificial resources and false claims. We have collated reviews from reliable and renowned sources like Google Play Store, Quora and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

About Truweight

Truweight is a research and nutrition-based healthcare company that helps people deal with healthy management of obesity and related disorders including 

  • Thyroid
  • PCOD
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease

Truweight assists people to lose weight and manage obesity-related disorders in a healthy way, with the help of constant supervision from a physician, guidance from a certified, personal health coach and nutrient-dense, tasty superfoods. 

Customer Reviews- 


  1. CA Srinivas (Renowned Chartered Accountant, Hyderabad)- “I have a job with high-stress levels, demanding long hours of sitting. Moreover, due to polio, I was unable to perform any physical exercise and to worsen the matter, was diagnosed with diabetes and cholesterol. As a result, I gained weight up to 90 kgs. As I joined the weight-loss program with Truweight, I was prescribed a customized diet plan while considering my health and body requirements and a superfood kit to include in daily routine. I got constant guidance under the chief dietitian- Suhasini Mudraganam who kept an eye over my medical reports and health status throughout the health journey. With the help of these factors, I not only lost 22 kgs in 8 months but also my blood sugar and lipid levels came under the normal range. I got rebirth with Truweight”!
  2. Divya Iyer– (31-year-old, Chemist)- “Post pregnancy, I was struggling with excess weight gain and intense knee-pain. It was after joining Truweight that I got to know that I am even suffering from low HbA1C levels with pre-diabetes, Low Vitamin D and HDL levels. With the help of Superfoods and dietitian, I lost a total of 32.9 kgs in 14 months. The best thing I liked about Truweight is that it helped me to address the root cause of obesity while providing the natural approach to treat the same. Also, the personal dietitian understood and tailored the diet plan according to my needs, making it easy-to-follow. This ensured overall well-being and not just weight loss. Now, I witness a holistic improvement with subsided knee pain, normal blood sugar and HDL levels. 
  3. Dr Rakesh- (Orthopaedic surgeon, Owner- Curewell hospital)- “I was struggling with high postprandial blood sugar levels resulting in quick fatigue and tiredness. Before Truweight, I had tried many programs but nothing worked. After coming on Truweights platform, with the help of nutrient-dense superfoods and expert team of nutritionists lead by Dr Shanmukha Priya, I have not only lost 21 kgs in 5 months but also have gained health and fitness. There is also an improvement in my blood sugar as well as HbA1C levels. With Truweight, I now firmly believe that Diabetes is irreversible and can be cured with proper food and healthy diet system”. 


  1. Sapna Shettigar- (A homemaker, former fitness trainer and aerobics instructor)- “I was struggling with many health issues- borderline thyroid, cervical issues and low energy levels because of my excess weight. After joining Truweight, I have lost 17.5 kgs in a span of 6 months. I am impressed with the dedicated and ever-motivating team of Truweight and grateful to my personal dietitian Mohita. With her proper guidance, continuous monitoring, consumption of nutritionally balanced superfoods and customized diet plan, I have not just lost weight but regaining my energy and fitness levels back”. 
  2. Savita– (42-year-old, teacher)- “I was struggling with the excess weight owing to my medical condition of hypothyroidism and cervical spondylosis. I saw an advertisement in the newspaper and immediately decided to join Truweight. With the scientifically designed regimen of diet plan and guidance from the expert team of dietitian lead by Suhasini Mudraganam, I didn’t only lose 21 kgs in 8 months but also overcame hypothyroidism naturally. Truweight taught me the powers of superfoods and that how diet can be the solution to all my health problems. With Truweight program, I feel like I am 10 years younger”. 
  3. Sheuli Bhatia– (35-year-old, Winner of Mrs India Spark, 2016)- “The journey to winning this pageant was not easy. I desperately wanted to win this title but with thyroid issues and asthma, excess weight and strenuous exercise was the problem. My husband always believed in the true power of the natural approach and it was he, who encouraged me to join Truweight. At this platform, I learnt that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise and consequently, lost 6.7 kgs. While I was enrolled in the program, I received a tasty and nutritious diet along with personalised guidance from the extremely qualified team of dietitians lead by Dr Shanmukha Priya. This helped me to achieve my dream of winning the title”.


  1. Niharika– (22-year-old, Student)- “I was suffering from overweight issues owing to PCOD resulting in irregular periods and reduced stamina. After getting to know about Truweight from a newspaper, I decided to join and it was the right choice. Under the program, my personal dietitian- Zakeera, customized my diet as per her likes and dislikes. Also, she was the constant source of support and motivation guiding me throughout the health journey. It was such an impact that I not only lost 13 kgs during the program but shed another 12 kgs after the program while following the expert tips given by the dietitian. With the help of the dedicated team of Truweight and tasty, healthy superfoods, my PCOD related complications have reduced with improved stamina, energy levels and better vision”.
  2. Ashwini (Chemistry lecturer)- “I was suffering from PCOD and high cholesterol. I was losing confidence due to this increased weight. To get rid of it, I have tried everything from slimming centres to Ayurvedic medicines but all in vain. After knowing about Truweight through YouTube, I decided to join and was impressed with its natural and sustainable approach towards health issues. With the help of an extremely cooperative team of dietitians headed by Dt. Zakeera, I lost 20 kgs in 8 months and even stopped taking medication for PCOD. As of now, I am more confident, leading a healthier, fitter and active life. 
  3. Neeharika (IT Professional)- “ I was planning to start a family but excess weight and PCOD was the major obstacle. Moreover, being an IT professional means a sitting job that leads to many stomach related ailments. I have tried many methods like crash diets and medicines, but nothing was working. But as soon as I turned towards Truweight, the magic began. Under the efficient team of experts lead by Dt Zakeera, I learnt about the right diet choices. Zakeera customized my diet plan as per the requirement in PCOD. Now, I have lost a total of 11.7 kgs of weight with regular periods and no stomach ailments. Truweight by Identity is a true professional. It kept its promise of helping me lose weight”. 

Advantages of Truweight’s Weightloss plan 

While losing weight may seem easy to achieve, healthy weight loss is the real trophy one should target for. Truweight ‘s weight loss program believe in the same philosophy. The advantages you can count on include

  • It does not engage any weight loss pills, machines, claims or lies
  • It provides the best of services in the form of physician’s supervision, personal health coach, regular medical check-ups and nutrient-dense superfoods.
  • Truweight deals not just with obesity but also with the healthy management of obesity-related disorders. 
  • Truweight do not believe in checking the symptoms but also attacking the 7 root causes of the obesity
  • Truweight firmly believes and practises the Anti-starving regime which means- eat healthy food more and lose extra weight more
  • The Superfoods and the diet regime is designed scientifically with the help of an expert panel of nutritionists, doctors and food scientists.
  • Truweight opts for a natural approach to lose weight with the help of superfoods.

Drawbacks of Truweight’s Weightloss Plan

There might be some points that you would like to consider while enrolling to Truweight’s weight loss plan-

  • The program might take some time to show results. You shouldn’t expect quick weight loss or health outputs.
  • Along with regular meals, one has to take Superfoods. Superfoods are an integral part of the plan and have to be consumed along with your regular foods.
  • The superfoods have to be consumed under expert’s supervision. The personal dietitian would be keeping track of your dietary habits mandatorily at a regular interval of time.
  • While following the plan, one has to track the consumed food in the Truweight app for better evaluation.

Things to keep in mind while availing the service

While following the customized diet regimen, there are few basic tips that one has to follow to extract maximum benefit out of the program. 

  • Make sure to follow the plan religiously without any fail. 
  • Also, be very strict with the instructions given by the dietitian as she knows the concerned person’s physical and physiological state and give guidelines accordingly. 
  • While having regular meals, one has to be very consistent with the intake of superfoods along with water and mid-meal snacks as instructed. 
  • Make sure to have regular health check-up (if any medical condition). 
  • Maintaining high health scores while tracking your activities on the App is also essential.