What do the customers of NuAyurveda say about its Koregaon Park (Pune) Clinic

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I am someone who loves trying out new things for a healthy skin. You can say I am a skincare fanatic and it won’t be too wrong. Recently, I read a write-up about Ayurveda in the newspaper, which piqued my curiosity.  The write-up spoke about how Ayurveda can be intensely valuable when used in the right manner.

Therefore, for my next facial appointment, I decided to opt for something Ayurvedic. Now, all I wanted was the name of a good Ayurvedic clinic where I could get my treatment done. When I googled the results, NuAyurveda was on top of the charts. I read its reviews and they were all excellent. When I looked at their website, I realized that they have highly qualified doctors and also, they have 3 Ayurvedic clinic in Pune, one branch close to my place in Koregaon Park, Pune.

So, I booked an appointment for the Ayurvedic clinic in Koregaon Park later that week, on a Sunday morning. My first impression of the clinic was that it was clean and well maintained. My appointment was at 10 and I had reached by 9-50. However, the reception staff was quite cheerful and punctual I must say. Exactly at 10, I was escorted inside to meet my doctor.

My doctor took a look at my skin and asked me several questions before finalizing the Ayurvedic treatment for me. She prescribed Navara Mukh Lepam. I was told that this treatment results in skin rejuvenation. Like a facial treatment, here you will undergo cleansing, exfoliation, steam, and application of an Ayurvedic face mask. The therapy is named after a special type of rice which is used in the treatment.

This procedure lasted for about 40 minutes. However, it was completely intense. Also, when it comes to the price, it was around 1400 INR. This is quite affordable for an authentic Ayurvedic facial. Post-facial, my skin looked excellent and this is no exaggeration. Before I went in, due to severe sun exposure I had become tan and my skin was extremely dull. But, when I came out my skin looked bright, hydrated and glowing. When I touched it, there was a difference in the texture as well. It had become soft and supple.

It was a great experience. However, when it comes to facials, they don’t have too many options. Nonetheless, I will stick to this at least once in two months.

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