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Ayurvedic Clinic in Kandivali (West) Mumbai| Experiences of Bhanu

A year back, I had developed whitish spots on my face. When I went to the doctor, I was told that this was due to sun damage. However, even after taking several oral tablets and applying expensive medicated creams, the spots were exactly where they were. They had not reduced one bit and this uneven skin tone was diminishing my confidence.

One day when I was talking to my friend about it, she suggested that I try Ayurveda. It gave me hope and I started looking for Ayurvedic clinics in Kandivali West, Mumbai. I came across NuAyurveda and since it looked good and had some great reviews, I booked an appointment with them. Since they were full, my appointment was for 2 days later.

On the day of my appointment, I reached the clinic on time. My consulting doctor was highly qualified. He asked me several questions and went through my medical history before forming an opinion about my skin condition. I was given medications and topical creams for a week and was asked to come back a week later.

I religiously applied the skin cream and took all my medications. After the third day, I could see a slight difference in my condition. And, after a week it had gone down about 5%. During the past year, this was the first time a treatment was actually working on my distressing condition. In a way, I was relieved and really thankful for having found Ayurvedic clinic in Mumbai when I needed it the most. The next week I went to my appointment and met my doctor. He was happy with the progress and included another medication.

This time my next appointment was over a month. My spots had gone down by 60% and the topical cream that my doctor had prescribed added a glow to my skin. In fact, I had stopped applying make-up and ditched my concealer totally. The next month, my doctor reduced my medications and recommended Ubtan. Finally, after 3.5 months, my white spots completely vanished, and my skin looked bright and glowing. Now, even for my regular skincare routine, I stick to Ayurveda and ubtan packs. I even found an Ayurvedic Sunscreen, which provides excellent coverage and saves me from all the sun damage.

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