Dr. Batra Review

If you encounter any issues related to hair like hairfall, hair thinking, dandruff, or other issues, first name that strikes to each of our minds is Dr. Batra. We all are aware that they provide homeopathy treatment to provide solution to all such problems. If you go to such a clinic that already has a renowned market, you do have some expectations. However, being such big brand, this clinic doesn’t abide to your expectations in terms of providing services and getting long term results.

It is spread over 120 cities and provides treatments like Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy, Hair Transplant and Quick Hair to provide solutions to people who are disappointed with losing out their control on their hair. But trusting a clinic right because they are renowned isn’t a good idea to go about it. Here is a quick review to let you know if in future you face the same issues, whether you should consult this clinic or not? Read on

Value for Money

Money is a hard earned resource and you should spend it only where it is worthy. If you have frizzy hair, hair damage, hair fall, dandruff, fungal infection on the scalp or anything else that you are no more able to deal with, you tend to look old and ugly and no one wants this. This is a long-term course of medicines which is very expensive to deal with. If you get to see no results, you tend to feel less confident. Also, all the money and time that you have spent has gone in vain. A majority of people do not see any significant difference in their condition and they find it way too expensive than required.

Hair Shine

Once you encounter problems like baldness, dandruff or any other related problem, your hair stars losing their shine at first. When you use hair products, they are same as the other cosmetics available in the market. Since you do not see much difference, you don’t even find your hair lustrous or shiny. They are just a little better than before, nothing out of the blues.

Satisfaction Rate

Having more than 220 clinics, they are still not able to satisfy their customers. Once you book an appointment, you will feel motivated and optimistic about gaining your lost beauty and charm. However, with time people start losing their interest. All the promises seem to be irrelevant and you have availed such expensive services that lasted for no time.

Customer Service

People are lured on the basis of hefty discounts that are shown on their flyers. However, the treatment is still too expensive to afford. The promotional mailers that they send are attached with an important one liner “terms and conditions apply” which itself is self-explanatory. The packages are for no betterment and since you don’t see any long-term results, most of the customers are disheartened and sad after completing the treatment.

Please take a note of some of the pros and cons of the treatment as per our review.

Pros of the treatment are

  • For those who have been benefitted with the treatment have attained a new level of confidence which has made them a better person in terms of personality.
  • You get personalized treatment that helps you interact with your doctor better to make him understand your problem in an elaborated manner.
  • The treatment has no side effects. So even if it doesn’t work for you, your situation will not be worsened.
  • You don’t have to put any restrictions on your diet.

Cons of the treatment are

  • The consultation isn’t expensive; though the treatment may leave you empty handed.
  • For those who have not been benefitted with the results have faced a big disappointment.
  • The whole treatment needs patience and is a long term treatment.
  • People don’t see any significant difference in the long run.

24×7 Review

There are people who have been dissatisfied with the services as if you are spending money; you anyways want to see the results being positive at your side. As per our review, Dr Batra’s treatments fail to deliver the customer satisfaction on a large scale. The majority of people find it ineffective, no matter the latest technology is being used to alleviate the problem.

Only expanding business in terms of pricing and marketing and not focusing on issues that solves the problems of the customers can never give them prolonged consumer database. Do think that buying such services should be recommended?

We do not recommend anyone to avail Dr Batra’s services. Such expensive treatment with such less customer satisfaction rate is of no use.

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