Fatima Nasir Lingerie & Sleepwear in Pakistan: Fashion’s New Face

I know for a fact that lingerie brands have had quite a history of associated sexism and sin in it. But when it comes to orthodox culture on the East side of life things get very touchy. Fatima Nasir is a recent addition to the Pakistani lingerie market. Despite the peaking demand for such basic necessities lingerie is associated with filth and taboo.

The name of the brand itself Fatima has been pinned with some of the most prestigious religious figures in Pakistan. Being associated with Islam as a pious figure, people’ sentiments and beliefs can be shattered with such diabolical advertising gimmicks.

Fatima Nasir brand is pretty much active on their social media accounts such as Facebook and Pinterest and even using the paid media as well to promote the brand.

How do you see this extension? A friend or foe?

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