Hair For Sure Review

Hair fall and baldness have become the common problems and concerns for everyone in today’s world. Baldness does not only make the outer appearance of a person bad but also results in the overall lack of confidence in a person. There can be several factors related to hair fall and baldness from infection to the side effects of the medicines.

Hair for Sure has featured the Breakthrough Rutexil Growth Complex that comes with a four step performance formula. It can be used for the treatment of follicular dysfunction helping in their growth of the hair while stopping the hair loss. The lotion can be applied twice a day for the visible results. This product has been tested through various medical trials on Men and Women. With medically proven results on the hair growth, we are providing a quick review of hair for sure that will help you to decide whether you should really choose this product or it’s a total loss of your money:


This product comes in a carton which is attractively packed with a high neck plastic bottle inside the carton. The bottle has a 3-layered cap and the capping has been done in a way that makes it really easy to carry as it is spill proof. The transparent nozzle has been fitted on the bottle in such a way that makes pouring the lotion out of the bottle really easy. For the application you can simply aim it on the scalp by twisting in the anti-clockwise direction and again twisting it in the opposite direction will close the bottle.

Texture and Fragrance

The tonic is clear in texture being light weight and seems like water. Though the fragrance of this tonic is really strong but is refreshing and provides a cooling effect on the application. When applied this tonic may give some soothing sensation or tingling effect. However, the product gets absorbed very quickly and does not leave any oily or greasy effect on the hair.

Value for Money

Although the hair for sure tonic may seem a little expensive costing INR 800. The results are clearly visible and you don’t have to go for the expensive hair treatments which one has to opt for hair fall or baldness.


This tonic is really efficient and shows the results after regular application of 10 days at least. You can easily see the dramatic reduction in your hair fall within a week of the start of its application. Even with the regular use of product hair fall can almost stop and even re-growth can be achieved by the use of this tonic for one or more months.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the hair for sure tonic we have listed out as per our review of the product:

Pros for the Hair for Sure tonic

  • Comes in a convenient packaging which makes it very easy to apply
  • Nozzle tip makes the application easy on the scalp
  • The cooling effect it provides to the scalp is really soothing
  • The fragrance is really pleasing and cooling
  • It is a scientifically and clinically approved product
  • Actually, stops the hair fall.
  • Regular use can result in the hair growth

Cons for the Hair for Sure tonic

It leaves a tingly feeling on the scalp after its application. This tingling effect can last from minutes to hours depending upon the sensitivity of your skin. Also, there can be slight itchiness felt on the skin after the application of this tonic. Some people have experienced flakes on the skin due to dryness after the continued use for more than 15 days.

24×7 Review

Hair For Sure is the safest and the best product to use that can let you manage the hair loss without the use of any kind of medicated drugs that can cause the lifelong disastrous effects on health. For the persons who are in the initial stages of the baldness (male or female) this tonic from Hair for Sure is really worth a try. It is completely safe to apply and due to the positive results. We hope that you are clear if buying this product is recommended?

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