Himalaya Hair Cream Review

Himalaya is a brand known to all for providing best herbal products. As we all are aware that anything which is herbal is always significant and gets you good results. I had the same conception and I thought that this could help me get out of the trauma of frizzy hair that makes me look dull and ugly. When you go to the market, you encounter many products from Himalayas like

  • Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream
  • Himalaya Herbals Anti-dandruff Hair Cream
  • Himalaya Anti-dandruff Hair Cream

This product is easily available in the market. But is it really worth the money that you spent? Should you go and trust the product to make your hair look beautiful and frizz free? Buying a product should be an intelligent approach and you should know how people respond to such products when they get to use them. Have a look at this quick review to know more about this product.

About the Brand

Himalaya is a company that has been producing herbal products for more than 80 years. People trust this brand and buy the products before giving a second thought to it. This is because they have maintained that trust and relationship with their customers. They have been living up to our expectations since decades.

Hair Shine

Once I started using the product “Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream”, I could see a tremendous difference in the texture of my hair. They started looking beautiful and got back the shine that was lost somewhere. If you really want to regain the texture and shine of your hair and rejuvenate them well, use this product to get that everlasting impact.

Value for Money

Truly the product is not expensive. You will never regret spending your hard-earned money on buying this product because the results that you get will make you feel confident and beautiful about yourself. You may be into the ideology that since you are spending less the results may not be that good. However, you will be more than satisfied with the frizz free hair that you get afterwards. This is definitely worth buying.


The packaging itself explains how to use the product along with the correct quantity. The directions of use are a must and they have done it in a commendable manner. You are supposed to use it daily before and after hair wash to get good results. The thin plastic foil over the cream keeps the ingredients intact. Also, this makes the product easy to be kept while travelling.

Customer Satisfaction

This plays a major role for retaining the customers and they have abided well with our expectations. Once you touch your hair, you will find them soft like never before. Having a big market, they have been providing the products that are really helpful in regaining the vital nutrients of your hair to make them look rich, shiny and beautiful.

Have a look at some of the points of pros and cons in our review to understand the product better:

Pros of  Himalaya Hair Cream 

  • It nourishes your hair like never before.
  • It controls the frizz of your hair and helps you regain the shine.
  • Having such good results, the product is inexpensive and affordable.
  • The fragrance of the product is also good.
  • Prevents split ends and makes your hair strong.

Cons of Himalaya Hair Cream 

  • Post wash results aren’t that satisfactory as pre wash.
  • It contains Parabens.

24×7 Review

If you feel good about yourself after using a product which is easy on your pocket, it is surely bliss. This product can do wonders with your hair and gets you a beautiful fragrance after use. It nourishes your hair and spreads evenly on your hair. It is a great product to be used and can be a substitute for serum as well. It is said that for women, beauty resides in their hair and this brings the importance of beautiful hair. Himalaya Hair Cream helps your hair stay nourished and keep you charming. After having experienced it if I am asked if buying this product recommended?

Well, you should really go and buy this product that gives you a noticeable difference in your hair and the texture.

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