Indulekha Hair Oil Review

Product description

Indulekha Hair Oil is cent percent herbal oil letting you make your hair stronger and prevent hair loss. With ingredients Like Brahmi, Bringha, Amritha, Nimba in the oil the hairs are not only going to be strong but it will bring the shine and bounce back as well. The Indulekha Hair Oil has to be applied at least twice a week. The 100 ml hair oil bottle costs Rs 432 and can be easily obtained from any retail stores or online shopping sites. The shelf life of the hair oil is 24 Months from the date of packaging.

Brand description

Indulekha hair oil was a hair grooming oil developed by Kerala based local company Mosons Extractions. But in the year 2015, Hindustan Unilever acquired Indulekha. Since then it is sold under the flagship of HUL. Not only South Indians use Indulekha hair oil but the whole of the country is using it owning to the trust it has on its parent company HUL. The brand name is enough for the trustworthiness and the hair oil does the rest.


The oil bottle usually comes in the same size but Indulekha attracted users with its Selfie Bottle. The selfie bottle has 10 needles at the cap of the bottle allowing to insert oil on to hairs properly. The comb shaped cap lets you comb the hair at first and then the needles ensure oiling at each part of the hairs. Not a single drop is wasted because of this. The self-help bottle is among one of the reasons why users are attracted to use the hair oil.

Fragrance and Effectiveness

The herbal hair oil smells not so pleasant to many owing to the natural ingredients used in it. The smell is not bad either but those who like herbs and its smell would definitely like it. The dark brownish hair oil with strong smell leaves good texture of hairs. Although some of the users have complained of massive hair loss after using it. This may happen because the hair oil result varies from person to person.

Hair Silkiness and Shine

Many of the reviews state that they have seen a noticeable change in the texture of their hair after using it. They feel their hairs have become shinier and the dryness has gone to an extent. Many of them have seen results within a week while many of them do not found any results even after months of using it.

Value for Money

The Indulekha Hair oil is made up of all natural herbs and so the price tends to be higher than regular oil. But the problem is the hair oil is way more pricey than the other herbal oils available in the market. If it does wonders to your hair and you care not about pricing, you can go with it but if it is not suitable it surely isn’t worth your money.

Pros of the Indulekha Hair Oil

  • The selfie bottle evenly dispenses the oil to the hairs without getting hands sticky.
  • The hair oil does not leave behind residue after washing the hairs.
  • It is made up of all natural ingredients thus is safe to your hairs.
  • The hair loss prevents hair loss and makes hair shinier and thicker.

Cons of the Indulekha Hair Oil

  • The hair oil is higher in price.
  • The strong herb smell may not be liked by all.
  • Not all get a benefit of hair loss and strong hair after using it.

24×7 Review

Indulekha Hair Oil advertisements have been seen by many and even the Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar has promoted the brand.  The 100% herbal hair oil combats with the most common issue of today i.e. hair fall. Hair fall is a problem not only among females but also in males. The extreme condition leads to baldness in many. To overcome this problem, Indulekha came up with natural hair oil, which is now trusted, by thousands of Indians.

The company claims that the Hair oil lets you grow new hair prevents hair fall and also premature graying. While less hair fall has been seen among many of the users but there are no drastic results seen in terms of premature graying of hairs and new hair growth. The self-help bottle is very innovative and effective way of applying oil but the price has remained a major concern for many of the users. Going by the reviews, people experiencing major hair fall has not been benefited with the hair oil. Those having less hair fall seem to be happy with the results the hair oil has shown to their hairs.

Is Buying the product recommend?

Yes, it is recommended using the hair oil to check on the results it claims. Although if the price is a concern, would not recommend using it. There has been mixed response to the Indulekha Hair oil among users so wasting Rs 432 for a 100ml bottle would not be an ideal situation for many.

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