Livon Hair Gain Review

Product description

Leave all your worries regarding hair loss behind as using Livon hair gain would solve all your problems.  Claiming to stop hair loss and enriching your hairs along with providing texture, Livon hair gain tonic consists of Tatdensis leaf juice, Aqua, D- Panthenol, Ethanol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Polysorbate – 20 making the roots of the hair stronger. The hair tonic is transparent in color and costs Rs 600 for 150 ml bottle. The product is to be applied twice daily. The shelf life of the Hair Tonic is 24 months.

Brand description

Livon is a widely popular Indian Brand Marico’s product specially designed for hair care. People have been long using the Livon Brand and have huge amount of trust on it. Livon brand comes with two hair care products- one is Livon Serum and other is Livon Hair Gain Tonic. The Livon hair gain tonic has a unique formation said to be a first time in India which energizes the hair roots enriching the re growth hair molecules.


The Livon hair gain tonic is a Black and white bottle shaped just like a capsule. The cap of the bottle is secured with a Nozzle allowing you to take quantity as required in form of drops. To double secure the bottle, the nozzle also has a cap ensuring no dripping of the tonic. Thus the bottle looks quite attractive and can be carried anywhere easily.

Hair consistency

As it claims, the hair tonic considerably decreases the hair fall noticed by many of the users. The hair becomes soft and smooth after using it. Also after application, it is not greasy and the tonic is absorbed within few minutes leaving no residue behind. It does moisturize the scalp as well helping in controlling dandruff and scalp skin.

Fragrance and effectiveness

There is not so strong smell of the tonic and is transparent in colour. A particular Brylcreem like smell can be sensed by many of the girls making them dislike the smell. Many of the reviews state that they have seen the result of hair loss within 15 days. The hair growth is found not so early and it took time, a couple of months at least to have new hair. It did help almost everybody who used for hair fall. The tonic leaves hairs smooth and silky.

Value for Money

The hair tonic is decently priced and going by the results it is providing, it surely makes a try worthy for all. Both men and women can use the hair tonic be it for hair loss or for hair gain and the end result would be lustrous hairs. Many of reviews have suggested buying the hair tonic at least once for trial. The reviews do make you understand that the hair tonic is worth the money.

Pros of the Livon Hair Gain Tonic

  • Capsule like bottle packaging looks attractive and is easy to carry.
  • The cap and nozzle ensure safety making it spill free.
  • The hair gain tonic helps in moisturizing the dry scalp.
  • Controls hair fall and helps in hair gain (Though slowly).

Cons of the Livon Hair Gain Tonic

  • The fragrance of the bottle may not be liked by many, especially females.
  • Hair Re-growth does not show any drastic results but gradually it does.

24×7 review

Livon hair care products have been long used by the people and have been recommended by many. Although the Hair serum is much in use, their new hair gain Tonic is gradually getting popularity in the market. This is because of the results the hair gain tonic has shown as per the claims were done. The hair gain tonic has to be applied on to your hairs daily, two times. Take a few drops of the hair tonic and apply it to your scalp or with your hands. Massaging is not recommended. The hair gain Tonic absorbs within an hour and hairs are back to normal.

The formulation has been made keeping Indian hair types in mind. It is completely safe and secure for men and women to apply the hair gain tonic. The user reviews also suggest that the hair tonic not only re-grows new hairs in a couple of months but brings a noticeable change in hair with preventing hair loss and giving silky and Voluminous hairs.

Is Buying the product Recommend?

In my opinion, Livon hair gain Tonic is a definite buy because it does not have any side effects to your hair and does what it says. It is easy to apply every day and provides convenience to you.

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