Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Lips are the most sensual feature of your body. Lips are the most important and most prominent feature of your face. We are very conscious in choosing and applying a lip color and at the same time, they understand that Lips have to be taken care of very importantly. Everyone wants their lips to be kissable soft and supple. No one likes the lips to be chapped or dry. They have to be essentially erotic and sensuous. The best choice to make for your lips is Maybelline lip balm.

Maybelline is the brand who had served Indian Market for more than twenty years. It had eloquently served the market with its wide range of products. Maybelline is known for all its products like lipsticks, foundations, creams, compacts, kajals or the lip balm. Maybelline had never let down its customers or had compromised with the quality ever. It might be a reason for the popularity and success of the brand. Maybelline Baby Lips is one of its good products for the lip care. The active ingredients of the lip balm are Octinoxate (7.5%), Octisalate (3%).

Here are some reviews about Maybelline Baby Lips:

Value for Money

The lip balm is available in a very low range starting from Rs.80. It is not an expensive affair and doesn’t affect your pocket much. It purely justifies the money that you have spent on the product. The cost of the product justifies its packaging as well. Sunscreen, color and fragrance, being available in one product with such a minimal price explain that it is a cost satisfying product.


It has a beautiful and lustrous fragrance. The strawberry has a good fragrance and it brings out a good effect and rejuvenating for your lips. These days women, especially girls have become much more conscious about the kind of fragrance they have. They want to be at their best all the time, especially when it comes to the facial care.   


Although Maybelline Baby lips are not for coloring your lips, they do give a beautiful pinkish shade to your lips. It looks sumptuous, especially on the teenagers. Maybelline baby lips are a good substitute of color bars. The lip balm works deep down on your cells and repairs your chapped lips. This is not just to give you a good color for your lips but helps to keep the lips healthy as well. It is a light colored bar which can be worn for long hours.

Customer Satisfaction

It not only takes care of your beautiful lips but also repairs them. However, the product is famous among the teenagers as they find it as a good substitute to color their lips. The customers are totally satisfied with it as it brings out tremendous results also for them. It moisturizes the lips enriched with SPF formula. It also gives protection from the sun.


The packaging of Maybelline Baby Lips is cute when compared to than other lip balms. The small color pops are fun loving and are adored by beautiful teenagers. It has small colored pops with lips swatches on it which give a trendy look to the product. The packaging is long transparent printed cap due to which it is popularized among teen girls.

Pros of Maybelline Baby Lips

  • Maybelline Baby lips give your lips a supple and soft feel.
  • It is available in small color pops which gives it an aesthetic look.
  • It has a nice fragrance.
  • It is cost effective and is affordable by teenagers as well.
  • It is clinically care for baby soft lips.
  • Lips are visibly renewed and one can notice the difference very easily.

 Cons of Maybelline Baby Lips

  • It is only popular among the teenagers.
  • It is not suitable for coloring the lips or to be used as a substitute of the lipstick.

 24×7 Review

It is highly recommendable to buy the product as the product gives the full satisfaction to its customers. There are lots of lip balms out in the market. If you are seriously conscious about the repair of your chapped lips then Maybelline Baby Lips is the right choice for you. So, all the teenagers brace out yourself for the lustrous look of your lips. Hope you find the review helpful in making a choice for your most delicate and prominent part i.e. your lips!!!

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