Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact Review

May it be a party at the house, festival, any special occasion or any working day at the office, we want our flawless skin each time. The compact is indeed a BFF for all the women. Last month I went for a shopping with my friend and we found a cute BFF for us which worked at making my skin flawless. I bought a beautiful small blue and white packaged Maybelline Super Fresh Compact which can be slipped in my hand wallet easily.

Maybelline White Super Fresh had worked wonders for my skin. I had already been a great fan of Maybelline. Maybelline New York had always pampered and celebrated womanhood with their fabulous range of products. Maybelline White Super Fresh comes in a packaging of 8gram which cost for Rs. 150. It is available in three shades i.e. Pearl, Coral, and Shell. It contains a puff and a mirror inside. The application of the compact is easy. You need to apply with a puff all over your face and blending well around your eyes, along with the hairline and jaw line for perfect younger looking flawless skin.

Here’s a review about Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact, which will tell you more about Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact. So, all the ladies looking for their BFF for their Flawless Skin, brace yourself up for this review and make up your attitude towards the product.

Value for Money

It is a product which is a true value for the hard earned money that you pay. It is available at Rs 150 for 8gms of the quantity. This is just not expensive to buy and the results that you get after the application are definitely commendable.


The product is packed in a white case a white outer cover. It also has a mirror attached that makes it easy for you to apply it on the go. You get a puff to apply it neatly over your face. The sponge is thin and is also very good. Overall, the packaging is beautiful as well as travel-friendly.

Gives you a radiant look

No matter you haven’t got any facial done, this compact can change the entire look of your face as well as your skin. People will see a difference in your skin tone and all the spots and blemishes will vanish. This all is done in a couple of seconds. The radiant look that you get at the end of the application gets you a lot of compliments.


Any good cosmetic should have a fragrance to flatter for. To your surprise, this compact too has a great fragrance that makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. The floral fragrance attracts people to compliment you.


Your complexion will look better in one go. The perfect whitening impact on the skin makes your complexion clean and smooth. You look glowing just in a couple of minutes.

Customer Satisfaction

Maybelline has been doing wonders since years and has amazed us with the best products in the industry of cosmetics. It never fails to satisfy its customers with the best services and respects the reviews. I have been greatly satisfied with this product as well as Maybelline. It controls oil for three hours giving your skin a refreshing look.

Pros of Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact

  • Stays for 12 hours on the skin.
  • Comes with UV filters.
  • Makes your complexion even.
  • Packaging is good.
  • Helps skin from damage.
  • Brightening effect to the skin.
  • Great enough to be used every day.

Cons of Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact

  • There are only three shades available.

24×7 Review

You always want to look your best; no matter you are tired like anything. You never want to look bad in any situation; you just don’t want the tiredness to be reflected from your skin. Once you use this compact, all your scars disappear and all that you get is a flawless skin. There is no sweat on your face no matter how humid the weather is. It suits to all skin types in a perfect manner. It is completely a great deal to grab as it can be used on a daily basis.

Will I recommend buying this product?

To get that instant fairness, brightness and flawless skin, you should buy this product without a second thought. If you have an oily skin, it controls your oil in a great manner.

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