Panchakarma Treatment in Mumbai – Customer Review

Panchakarma Treatment in Mumbai – Review by Mahesh Sahane

Panchakarma is one of the Ayurvedic treatments to do if you are looking to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. It helps reduce stress, aids with weight loss, strengthens tissue functions, boosts your immunity, etc.panchakarma

Mahesh’s Experience with the Clinic

My sister had an amazing Panchakarma experience in Bali a few months back. Ever since I’ve heard about it, I‘ve desperately been looking for Panchakarma treatment in Mumbai. I found out about Nuayurveda and decided to try it out after reading some positive Google reviews.

Once I reached the clinic, I had to wait for 5-10 minutes before I could meet the doctor. The clinic was quite clean and spacious, however, I felt that the interiors could have been better. During my consultation, my doctor inquired about my medical history and all my issues to prescribe the suitable Panchakarma treatment. One of the reasons why I chose NuAyurveda was, all their doctors are experienced and completely qualified. My doctor asked me to visit the clinic a week later for the Panchakarma treatment and asked me to follow a 7-day home cleanse.

Now, for those of who don’t know, Panchakarma is not a one-sitting treatment. It can last from somewhere in between 7 days to 30 days and even 45 days for some. The number of days depends on your issue and will differ from one person to another. My treatment was for 7 days.

So, what is Panchakarma?

It is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that helps flush out all the harmful toxins from our body and mind. This treatment is said to cure several diseases by pushing it into the bloodstream and then to the gastrointestinal tract and thus removing it. This treatment is a five-stage process and follows special diets, massages, and steam therapy.

Mahesh’s Experience with the Treatment

I actually did not want to wait for a week before starting my treatment. However, my doctor explained to me that we must not rush Panchakarma. Pre and Post Panchakarma preparations are important for it to give effective results. So, I was given a list of instructions to follow a week before my treatment. This list included the food I was supposed to eat, things to avoid, etc.

Once the treatment started, I wanted to feel like a completely new person. However, that is not what happened on day one. On the first day, I felt tired and bloated and just wanted to sleep. My doctor said this was normal on the first day, but, to be honest, I was quite disappointed and felt maybe I had made the wrong choice.

On day two, again, I was feeling lethargic and tired as my liver was busy flushing out all the harmful toxins. I was also feeling quite emotional and several old memories kept visiting me. My doctor explained that this was part of the process and I must consume plenty of ginger tea and hot water on this day. My emotions were high and dry because my mind was also flushing out the harmful toxins. This continued into the third day.

On day four and five, I was feeling lighter and better. My doctor asked me to stick to light meals and again plenty of ginger tea. He addressed all my queries with patience and a friendly smile. This really helped me and gave me confidence.

On the day six and seven, I felt energized, rejuvenated, lighter and so much happier. It was not just a treatment, but a wonderful journey. I felt like a new birth. Yes, it was that insanely awesome. Overall, a great experience.

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