Ponds White Beauty Cream Review

Women in 2017 are independent, strong, working and empowered and perfectionists. And in all these roles she deserves the best, be it the love which is best, the profession to work passionately or the cream to take care of her beautiful glowing skin. Women must be pampered for everything they do and how they deal life and for this trust me that your skincare products are your BFF’s. Have you ever given it a thought why women are very particular and conscious in choosing their skincare??? It is because women acknowledge aesthetic sense and feel their skin is a glass door to their inner beauty which is to be taken care precisely.

Every girl is born and brought up with the fragrance of Ponds around us whether it is a talcum or a moisturizer. I personally feel attached to the fragrance of Ponds. Pond’s was popularized in the industry since 1987 when it was acquired by Unilever. It is an international brand which is famous over 56 countries. Ponds White Beauty Cream is a vitamin based cream. It is enriched with Vitamin B3 which works on the cells of the skin and gives the brightening effect to the skin by directly affecting the dark cells of the body. It brings out the faded cells glowing out so beautifully that your skin feels supple and enriched. There are three types of ponds white beauty cream:

White beauty cream for normal skin

This cream is suitable for normal skin which goes just right with your skin with Pond’s White Cream. Girls with normal skin usually take it very lightly and tend to use any other random cream. But the normal skin is more exposed to dryness, therefore, it is important to make the decision wisely.

 White beauty cream with SPF 15

This cream is suitable for all skin type and to be used as sunscreens while going out in the sun.

White beauty cream for oily skin

This kind is suitable for oily skin as it rejuvenates the cells which are oily.

Here is a gentle review about the cream and its demand and popularity among the girls.


 Ponds brand is consistent throughout for so many years. It had created a demand and had lived up to the expectations of all the women.

Value for Money

Ponds brand is a product which starts at a price of Rs. 60 and ranges up to Rs. 200. It justifies its price truly with respect to its quality and demand.


Ponds is popular from my childhood times which was early 90’s and had been growing as a known product among all the females.


It has a beautiful packaging with a white bottle and pink colored cap. It is easy to carry and accessible to carry in the hand purse.

Glowing Skin

Ponds white beauty cream gives you a glowing and supple skin which gives you a ravishing look throughout the day.

Rejuvenation of the skin

The skin feels fresh and rejuvenated after using Ponds White Beauty Cream. It makes your skin feel young and uplifted.

Customer Satisfaction

Ponds White Beauty Cream is diligent to keep their customers happy and satisfied. It had retained its name by giving consistent results to its customers.

Pros of Ponds White Beauty Cream

  • It helps to give you a glowing and rejuvenated skin.
  • It has variety of creams which can be used for different kind of skin types.
  • Ponds White Beauty Cream is enriched with SPF 15 which helps you in de-tanning as well as retaining the protection from sun.

Cons of Ponds White Beauty Cream

  • It does not bring out good results for dry skin however SPF 15 has shown tremendous results.
  • It is incompetent in the market where the customer is little money oriented and would tend to go for a higher brand.

 24×7 Review

If a question is raised if the product is recommended to buy, then I would probably recommend you all to buy the product and feel the difference in your skin. I can make this review based not only on the statistics but on the personal experience. I had personally used Ponds White Beauty Cream for myself when I was very particular about my fairness and glowing skin. Ponds White Beauty Cream had not disappointed me and I hope would not disappoint you as well and would be as good for you.

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  1. great product!!!!! I had a very oily skin but the use of ponds cream made me feel freshed & also my skin looks hydrated.

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