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In this article we have reviewed Richfeel Trichology Center located in Borivali based on certain parameters, so that you can be decisive on consulting with this clinic or not. This review has been built by taking into account information from various reliable sources such as real customer feedback and interviews, recorded feedback on Youtube, personal experiences shared on Quora and blogs posted by the clients of Richfeel Borivali clinic.

Firstly Richfeel center at Borivali provides the following hair treatment services

  • Hair Transplant Treatment
  • A narrow Hair Thinning Treatment
  • Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
  • Anagen Hair Loss Treatment

Read on the detailed analysis of the center on the following parameters :


The hair loss and hair transplant services provided by the professionals at Borivali clinic are really of high quality. The staff is very friendly and listens to all your problems with proper patience. The way they treat the patients is really appreciable. Their behavior adds value to the services making the expectations met with their behavior as well as the attitude. Doctors listen to the problems of the patients in a friendly way and provide the best hair treatment solution possible.

New Technology & Equipments for Hair Treatment

All the equipments used are used by the professionals and are well maintained as well. The process of treatment they follow with these equipments really makes the difference and provide the best results. Be it the hair transplant services or any other hair treatment services, they make the best use of the latest technology which really helps to bring the desired results. The trichologists there are always keen and curious to know the root cause of the hairloss and hence provide the best solutions with the various treatments they provide pertaining to the latest technology.

Value for Money

The factor in which Richfeel Technology Center is the really expensive. But, good services are always expensive and bring out the positivity in you. If you are satisfied with the results, paying much doesn’t matter. Though the treatment is expensive, the money that you have spent has not gone in vain. You will understand that such latest technology and expertise never come for free. Hair treatments are always expensive; you only have to be decisive while choosing the one which gives you great results.

Customer Satisfaction

Most of the customers are satisfied with their hair treatment services. The professionalism, behavior, expertise of doctors and good treatment makes you a satisfied customer. They use the latest technology to bring a solution to your hair problems and hence the customers stay satisfied.

Personalized Treatment

The Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUH) at the Richfeel Borivali center is really amazing in which the experts extract the follicles from the place of the scalp where there is healthy hair and implanted to a site where there is scanty hair. Based upon the problem that you have, you are provided with the best possible personalized treatment.

Here is a short informative video where Richfeel’s expert explain the difference between FUE and FUT Technique.

However, every good thing has some bad things too. Have a look at the pros and cons of the clinic.

Pros of services provided by Richfeel Trichology Center Borivali

  • Latest technology
  • Experienced doctors
  • Hair treatment results are effective
  • Richfeel products are effective in long-term use
  • Multiple service centers across various cities
  • Special teams for customers’ satisfaction

Cons of services provided by Richfeel Trichology Center Borivali

  • Richfeel’s hair transplant or other hair treatment service cost can be very high and a burden on the pocket.

24×7 Review

You can easily pre-book the appointment with them and can visit the center at the time of your convenience. The treatment can do wonders for you as when you start losing your hair, people make fun of you and crack jokes on you. Surely no one can tolerate this. When you visit this clinic, you don’t only get your hair back, but also regain the confidence and personality.

Will you recommend the services to any of your friends or relatives?

Now when you are out of trouble, recommending the services to your friends is a must thing to do. You may further read reviews of actual customers of other Richfeel centers such as Richfeel Lajpat Nagar Delhi Clinic  or Richfeel Banglore , Sadhashivnagar Clinic. There are very few clinics that provide you the best services. Richfeel Borivali is one of them.

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  1. i went to borivali clinic and the doctors suggested 2 tests prior to going for any treatment. the tests were expensive but anyways i got tested. after the test result they suggested either i take the hair treatment or richfeel products. I decided to go the natural way and chose richfeel products. Now it has been 2 months and i am getting to see results slowly. the products are easy to use.

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