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Some of us suffer from a slew of hair related hitches including excessive hair loss, alopecia, overearly grey hair, baldness, and eczema. Fortunately, there are hair treatments available for each of these problems. However, choosing the right brand and the right service is one crucial decision to make. Since you’ve landed on this page, we’re assuming that you’re seeking a hair treatment and wondering whether Richfeel Hair Transplant solutions are worth your money. Well, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll tell you all about Richfeel’s hair transplant and treatment. The information will be augmented with reviews given by real patrons who’ve undergone various treatments. We’ve collated these reviews from various credible sources online including YouTube videos, Quora, and other discussion forums. We hope that these reviews will aid in understanding the treatment, knowing whether it is for you, and preparing yourself for the same.

Here are a few assorted reviews for Richfeel’s Hair Treatment:

Mayur Puri

Mahesh is a Marketing professional who was suffering from hair loss and baldness three to four years ago. He stumbled upon Richfeel’s business card and got in touch with the company at the earliest. The doctors took a sample of his hair and recommended a hair transplant surgery. He said that after he opted for the treatment, the staff at Richfeel was helpful and followed up regularly for appointments. He says that it has now been about a year since he underwent the treatment and there are noticeable changes in his appearance.

Anchal Sethi

Aanchal is all for the quality of Richfeel’s hair treatments. She used to suffer from dry scalp/dandruff which also caused a lot of hair fall. She found out about Richfeel when she saw a girl’s review on YouTube herself. Later, she consulted her friends and family and even they asked her to pay a visit to Richfeel’s clinic. However, she wasn’t completely sure about the genuineness of their products so she took a few sessions to treat dandruff. After a while, she noticed that the products were working and finally decided to get treated for hair fall as well. She says that her patience paid off and she finally observed more volume and less hair fall.

Dilip Balakrishnan

Dilip’s opinions are in contrast with the ones mentioned above. He and his wife both got hair treatment from Richfeel while they were in Mumbai in 2014. The total cost went up to roughly Rs. 64,000. The oil that had been recommended to them caused hair fall instead of stopping it. Upon reporting this, the staff at Richfeel exchanged it for other products but it didn’t really help. Unhappy with the results, Dilip opted for the Anagrow treatment in 2015 and faced disappointment yet again. He claims that these treatments are nothing but a sham.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant essentially involves “surgical hair restoration” by culling out hair from a patch where hair growth is unaffected. The hair from this area is then implanted to the patches that lack hair-growth. Traditional hair transplant methods are usually very painful. It involves slicing the epidermis together with hair and then planting separate hair units on the balding area.

Richfeel uses the ‘Aesthetic Hair Implants’ transplant method in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London. The AHI technique is currently the latest one available out there. The hair transplant treatment using the AHI technique can be completed in just a day without the need of being hospitalized.

How Does It Work?

The AHI technique is capable of planting as many as 3000 to 5000 hairs in a single sitting but this may vary from person to person. The method used to extract hair follicles in AHI is far more advanced than any other removal techniques. This is done by means of a machine equipped with a pint-sized punch ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 mm in diameter, thus making the entire process very precise and adept. It is a speedy procedure that manages to extract more number of hairs in less time which in turn helps in faster healing sans scarring. The AHI technique employs implantation by using the finest implanter pens that facilitate implantation of around 60 hairs per sq. cm opposed to only 45 hairs per sq. cm in the conventional methods.

More Reviews on Richfeel’s Hair Treatments:

Deepak Bisht

Deepak is banking professional. He was suffering from profound baldness. Finally, he found out about Richfeel through a friend and underwent the hair transplant treatment. He said that although it took about 4-5 months for the results to show, he is extremely happy with the output. He repeatedly recommended seeking help from Richfeel to all those who suffer from any kind of hair related problems.

Chinu Kwatra

Chinu used to suffer from baldness and a lack of confidence as people passed insulting comments that pulled his self-esteem down. He found out about Richfeel’s hair treatments through a family member and got in touch with them right away. The staff at Richfeel explained the different reasons that caused baldness and talked about the various hair systems that most people are unaware of. Using their products has helped him get rid of bald patches and gain his confidence back.

Sahil M 

Sahil was suffering from serious dandruff problems that stopped him from stepping out of his home. He spent thousands of rupees on the treatment that included oils, shampoos, medicines etc. While it did not harm his existing condition, he says that it also didn’t prove to be beneficial. There was a little reduction in the dryness of his scalp, albeit temporarily. Soon, the problems came back.


While quite a few people have shared positive experiences, Prashant dealt with a bitter experience at Richfeel. He suffers from hair fall problems and underwent treatment with Richfeel for over 4 months. However, he did not see any improvement or growth in hair and in fact, noticed that the equipment used was also not proper. He had just been given a few medicines and gel-based products which wasn’t easy to use. Prashant also says that he didn’t receive much guidance from the staff with regards to the process.

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Opting?

Merely having knowledge regarding the treatment is not enough. You need to understand your issues and evaluate the severity by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is your hair fall an anomalous situation?
  • Has your ‘scanty hair’ issue impacted your confidence and self-esteem deeply?
  • Do you consider thick hair as a significant factor that makes up who you are?
  • Would you be able to take care of the expenses involved in undergoing Richfeel’s hair treatments?
  • Can you promise yourself that you’ll nurture your hair pre and post the treatment?

Pros of having treatment at Richfeel

  • They use the AHI technique to treat hair problems
  • Their products have shown results in the past
  • They claim that none of the treatments would leave ugly scars or cause unbearable pain to the customer
  • The staff here uses scientific methods to diagnose the problem and suggests the treatment accordingly.

Cons of having treatment at Richfeel

  • Treatments like hair transplant can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford it.
  • The results vary from one person to another depending upon the severity of the problem. You may not always get the desired results but there will definitely be an improvement.

How to Go About Receiving the Treatment?

Once you have assessed your problems and needs with regards to your hair problem, its time to seek help. Contact your nearest Richfeel clinic and book an appointment for consultation. Before giving the nod for the suggested treatment, make sure that you ask the following questions to your trichologist:

  • Is your problem treatable?
  • Do you have any other physical conditions that may come in the way of your treatment?
  • Which solution fits me the best?
  • What would be the total cost of the treatment?
  • What are the different payment schemes that I can avail?
  • How much time will it take for me to recover completely after the treatment?

24×7 Review

If you really need treatment for balding or extreme hair loss issues and can afford the costs involved, we would definitely recommend you to look into Richfeel’s hair treatments. However, you must be aware that the results always differ from one person to another.



7 Replies to “Richfeel Hair Transplant Reviews”

  1. My sister was suffering from a dandruff problem she tried various different ayurvedic products but not even a single product was useful for her. Then one of her friend suggested her to try richfeel. The treatment there was really costly and less effective. Not happy with the amount of money they charged for treatment.

  2. I was fed up of my hair fall problem , I tried various ayurvedic treatments but It was not helping me in any way. Then I thought of giving richfeel a try to be honest it was my best decision till now to overcome my hairfall problem. They provide very good treatment. If you are the one who is facing same problem you must try richfeel you will not regret it.

  3. I am having treatment at richfeel from last six months and there is no improvement in any of my hair problem. Having treatment there is really a waste of your precious time and money.

  4. In my first appointment at richfeel, the doctor there promised me that my problem of hair fall will get cure within 3 months. 5 months passed but still condition is same. Really Bad experience at richfeel.

  5. I am 26 years old and just a year ago My dandruff problem was becoming severe then one of my mother’s friend told me to try to have a treatment at richfeel. I read reviews about it and that was really mixed reviews. I was hesitating alot before going to richfeel but 4 months ago i finally visited at richfeel and i must say it was my one of best decisions to have a treatment at richfeel. In 4 months my dandruff problem cured almost to 80%. Thanks to Richfeel.

  6. I have wasted a lot of amount of my money on buying different dandruff removing shampoos of various different brands. But even after using various different shampoos there was no enhancement in dandruff condition. Then one of my my friend suggested me to have a treatment at richfeel. In my first appointment dr suggests me to use some of their products. In just 2 months I found a lot of enhancement in my dandruff condition. Thanks to Richfeel

  7. In my teenage i used a lot of diffrent hair gels to set my hair. But since my early twenties i am facing a lot of hair related problems. At first i thought it will get solve with time but instead it increases. Then my neighbour told me to visit at richfeel for checkup. After having my first checkup there i decided to have a treatment there. Treatment was good no doubt but they will charge a huge amount for that. If you are ready to pay huge amount for your hairs then you can trust richfeel.

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