Richfeel Review – Sadashivnagar, Bangalore Clinic

Based on the requests of our readers from Karnataka, in this article we have reviewed Richfeel’s Sadashivnagar Banglore clinic.

Richfeel has been a pioneer in bringing the science of Trichology to India and has been operating since 1986. Despite a strong brand name and a proven track record of successful hair transplants, in this article we critically analyze Richfeel’s Banglore Clinic on individual parameters.

This article has taken into account various reliable sources of information and our in-house research team conducts its own direct research via customer interviews, clinic visit and in-person service evaluation. We have also factored in information from sources such as personal experiences of clients on Quora, recorded reviews of clients who took Richfeel’s hair treatment and blogs written by richfeel’s customers.

Hair problem identification and solution ?

The first plan of action of doctors at Richfeel Banglore clinic is to identify the root cause of the hair problem client is facing. For this, they suggest a couple of tests in order to detect and confirm upon the root cause. Rich feel Banglore clinic uses upgraded level of technology compared to other hair clinic in Banglore. Some tests are expensive whereas some are cheap and it would depend upon the seriousness of the client’s issue.  Once the problem is identified, the doctors would recommend Richfeel products which can resolve the issue or a particular hair treatment that address the concerned problem.

Researchers and Trichologists

In order to judge the Trichologists at Richfeel Banglore clinic we use three parameters – education, experience level and past track record.

The doctors at Banglore Clinic are highly qualified and some are foreign educated specializing in Trichology.

About 2 to 3 doctors have experience of about 10+ years and most other doctors have experience level of about 3 to 5 years in the domain of hair transplant and hair treatment.

The past record of doctors at Banglore Clinic has been approved by more than 12 clients who underwent hair treatment or hair transplant surgery. About 80 out of 96 customers are satisfied with the use of Richfeel products.

Expertise and Level of Technology

FUE Technology used at Richfeel deploys equipments imported from technologically advanced countries especially from western European nations. It is important to read and be aware of how technology in hair transplant works. Our research team studied the hair transplant technology and based on that research we are confident of the level of expertise and technology at Banglore Clinic.

Is Richfeel Hair treatment worth the cost ?

The hair transplant and hair treatment costs at Richfeel Banglore center are very high. Not only hair treatment but hair products of Richfeel are very expensive. This has been a very general and common feedback we received from most of our readers.  But we need to look at return on investment rather than investment alone.

So is Richfeel hair treatments effective enough to be worth the investment ? Out of 96 customers questioned – 83% of the customers responded Yes.  Whereas 15% responded No. And remaining 2% were neutral.

Pros of service provided by Richfeel Sadashivnagar, Bangalore Clinic

  • Hair treatment Results are evident
  • Very low side effects
  • One stop solution to all your hair related problems
  • Latest technology and Equipments
  • Easy availability of clinics
  • Incomparable customer services
  • Personalized treatments to all of the patients

Cons of service provided by Richfeel Sadashivnagar, Bangalore Clinic

  • The services are quite expensive and you may not be in a position to afford them
  • Clients should be well aware of the Costs of Richfeel’s hair treatment and hair transplant services and products.

Customer Satisfaction

Richfeel is a trusted brand in the market. However, everything may go in vain if the services being offered aren’t satisfactory. But once you visit banglore clinic, you will see that there is a special team that works on customer satisfaction only. This explains how important it is for them to satisfy all of the customers. It brings a sense of being important. No matter you are one of a million customers, your satisfaction is important to them.

 24×7 Review

No matter what the situation was earlier, after the treatment you gain a new level of confidence that brings out a new you with a lot of confidence. No matter that the treatment is little expensive but the world class services are being offered to you with best results. You start looking younger that gives a sense of satisfaction to you.

Here is what one of the student Raman Siddhu has to say about Richfeel’s Anagrow treatment.

Will I recommend buying the services at Richfeel Sadashivnagar?

It is definitely the place where you will get personalized treatments to all your hair related problems. You will never regret being served at Sadashivnagar, Bangalore. Do come without any second thought if you can afford to spend.  Recovery from hair loss, hair thinning and other hair related issues is a gradual process, thus clients should exercise patience while experiencing the service.

Just like our previous review report on Lajpat Nagar Delhi Clinic and Borivali Mumbai Clinic, NewsMedia247 will continue to serve its esteemed readers and followers and will regularly come up with reviews of other Richfeel centers.

5 Replies to “Richfeel Review – Sadashivnagar, Bangalore Clinic”

  1. one doctor at richfeel’s banglore clinic is really good. i always visit the center only for him alone because his treatment has helped me rejuvanate my hair loss. after the treatment they suggest you products which are worth the price. i bought some of them and used. started to get results now.

  2. richfeel trichology center at jayanagar is one of the oldest in the region and has one of the most experienced doctors. I have recently undergone TST+ hair fall treatment to stop my hair fall. after 2.5 months of consistent medication and treatment and I am beginning to see results and my hair fall has stopped about 60-70% now. Little bit still fall but i hope to recover in a month now.

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