Streax Hair Serum Review

Hair is the important asset for every Woman. A beauty of a woman lies majorly in her hair. We are very conscious about hair care and want the best for our hair. Women are very particular in choosing their hair serum. Although there are many serums in the market, but making a choice to choose one for you is quite a difficult choice to make. Here’s a review on Streax Hair Serum which will help you to make your decision.

Streax is a very popular brand these days especially the hair care. Streax Hair Serum is enriched with almond oil, vitamin-E and perfume and other chemicals. The most important ingredient of Streax hair serum is walnut oil. It is very easy to use it by taking a drop of serum on your palm and apply it to the damp hair. It can be reapplied also anytime again throughout the day. It helps to give a lustrous and manageable look to your hair.

Last year, I too had to suffer through my bad hair days. I left no stone unturned in finding a solution for them. I took all home-made remedies and switched many shampoos, conditioners, and serums. One fine day, a friend of mine gave me Streax Hair Serum to try and suggested me to use it with same shampoo and conditioner which I was using for so many years. I took the kind advice and judiciously used the Streax Hair Serum after every wash on the damp hair. It gave me unbelievable results in a very short span of time. I could feel my hair light, glossy and manageable. Believe me when I say I became a limelight in my college and got several compliments for my hair.  Here are some points which will help you to make your choice much stronger:

Hair Shine

A glossy lustrous shine on your hair is just a drop away. Take a drop of Streax Hair Serum on your palm and gently massage it on your hair to give your hair a glossy look. It can be applied on damp hair as well and will give eloquent results. It helps to keep hair manageable all day.

Hair Smoothening

It is most suitable for smooth and straight hair. Walnut oil has a high concentration of Alpha Linolenic acid and omega3 fatty acid which helps to make hair supple and also helps in eliminating dandruff.  Its application just makes the hair feel like silk.

Get rid of frizzy, dry hair

Streax hair serum gets the best result for dry and frizzy hair. It works like a magic on damaged hair. It not only gives nourishment to the hair from outside but also nourishes the scalp and prevents anti- fungal infections.

Value for Money

The price of the serum starts from Rs. 200/ 100ml. It is not an expensive affair to buy and can be used with any shampoo and conditioners. The product is pocket-friendly and promises good quality to its consumers.


Its packaging is good and available in small sizes as well. Its packaging starts from 100ml of the bottle. The packaging of streax hair serum is small and easy to carry. And only a drop is required to give your hair a glossy look.

Customer Satisfaction

Streax is very popular among women and gives fabulous results for hair shine. Almost every third women have an immense inclination towards the product. It satisfies its customers well in terms of quality and results.

Pros of Streax Hair Serum

  • It provides nourishment to the hair and hair scalp.
  • It gives shiny look to the hair.
  • It is enriched with Walnut Oil which gives strength to the hair.
  • It prevents dandruff and anti-fungal infections.
  • It is a pocket-friendly product which is not at all an expensive affair to buy.

Cons of Streax Hair Serum

  • It might increase the hair fall.
  • It is not suitable in humid air.

24×7 Review

The product is recommended to buy because it highly satisfies its customers by miraculous results. Streax hair serum is mostly used by women of all ages. The product has shown tremendous results in giving the hair a glossy and lustrous look. The review has been made not only by the statistics but also by the personal experience. Hope you find the review helpful and make your decision wisely.

Will I Recommend Buying This Product?

It not only helps the hair to be manageable throughout the day but also helps to have a healthy scalp. You should surely go and buy this product without any second opinions.

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